Zoids: The Western Continent War

16 September, ZAC2100

New Zoids, New Threats, New Discoveries

The two Death Stingers waste no time in attacking once they surface. The melee version attacks Derek & Sigma in melee, and gives them a hard time until Oliver joins in. The ranged version takes its opening shot at the Leoncross Whale King, then takes pot shots at the gun line, ducking underground to recharge. It hits the Mega Gojulas and November a couple times, but takes a huge amount of punishment from Job, Kora, George, and Zig. The melee Stinger is brought down alive, but the gunner is annihilated. Towards the end of the battle, George and Zig see a white Death Stinger off over a ridge, but nobody else does, and even November’s radar had no record of it. One of Mothra’s heads saw it, but the other two didn’t. The two captured Stingers are retrieved by Leoncross, and hauled off for study.
Pay is received mid week, ยค601,000 for the three Stingers, plus the week’s stipend. The rest of the week passes uneventfully, until Saturday, when Kora receives her new Gun Sniper, which she names Ghost. She takes it for a test run, giving Daerik and Sigma a chance to practice tracking a cloaked opponent, and brutally murdering some poor innocent cacti along the way.
The next day, the Brachios is dropped off, and the team heads for the lake. They examine the ruin as much as possible, but they determine that they need a more dedicated archaeological platform to do any serious excavation. They also find a cave, which is cool, but not particularly enlightening.
Using November’s ground-penetrating radar, the team begins a grid search for new ruins and anything else of possible interest from the North West corner of their patrol area to the South East, while waiting for the Stingers to make a move.
Session 25 EXP
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,875 (Lv19)
Oliver: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,846 (Lv19)
Daerik: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,853 (Lv19)
George: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,695 (Lv18)



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