Zoids: The Western Continent War

3 October, ZAC2100

Zig, the Gold Digger

The Net of seismic detectors is soon a huge success. Three DS clones are detected within the first two days (all in Dana’s territory, of course…) and two dispatched (the third disappeared while the others were being taken out).
On 2nd October, the three Heldigunners and the Hammerhead Excavation Type are dropped off. The ยค454,840 total cost gives Daerik pause for a brief moment, as he considers just how much money he has amassed in such a short period of time. He takes the Hammerhead out for a test dive, examining the ruins that have baffled the team for over a month. He discovers a huge symbol carved into a tower, but he has no idea where it comes from.
Zig and Job, meanwhile, take two of the Heldigunners down one of the tunnels, Zig crying something about “treasure hunting,” and “pirates.” She finds a large crystal in the wall, and a severed Command Wolf head, both of which she drags back in the mouth of the Heldigunner. Also discovered are a plethora of Death Stinger tracks, of varying sizes. Job insists on heading back after two hours down the tunnel. Zig agrees, but makes faces at Job from inside her Heldigunner… until switching over to sea shanties. As they return, Daerik catches the strains of “twenty-seven bottles of rum on the wall.”
On the 3rd of October (Wednesday), the team gets a notification from one of their detectors, and is vectored to intercept. The Clone is attacking a Republic supply base North of the lake. A stolen Genosaurer is there, rearming, but is about to run away until the team air-drops in. During the battle, the Ghidramander takes a hit from the CPC, and flips its shit. George, Zig/Zag, and Omega see the words KEISER SYSTEM appear on the cockpit screens, and the Ghidramander’s power output spikes dramatically. The Death Stinger is utterly obliterated, as it is finished off: two missiles from the Genosaurer impact nearby, followed by Sigma’s Gravity Cannon, Job’s Nova Cannons, and two Hi-TASMs from the Ghidramander.
During cleanup, Job finds two letters in one envelope addressed to him.
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: 1,875 (Lv19)
Oliver: 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +40 combat +5 RP = 1,891 (Lv19)
Daerik: +40 combat +5 RP = 1,898 (Lv19)
George: +40 combat +5 RP = 1,740 (Lv19)
(David): +40 combat +5 RP = 1,710 (Lv19)


What about Zig?

3 October, ZAC2100

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