Zoids: The Western Continent War

6 September, ZAC 2100

Twin Stingers

On 2nd September, a Leoncross Whale King arrives and collects the two DS remains and drops off some supplies, mainly missile restocks. Kora is seen signing some mysterious paperwork with a Leoncross guy, and when questioned, she admits she “maybe” ordered a Gun Sniper. Li discovers that November has apparently finished growing, making it safe to leave things lying around unattended.
Ares is back up and active on Tuesday, the 4th. On the 5th, a pair of Black Reddlers is seen orbiting several miles off, likely observing. Team Mothra plays with and then massacres them, and captures the pilot of one by grabbing his parachute. He retains enough sanity to only give name, rank , and serial number, but gets a beer anyway. Zig uses the parachute to finish making Omega a human-sized chew toy.
On September 6, the team gets attacked at the Gojulas dome by a Death Stinger clone. It doesn’t pose too much trouble, though the Dash Juliets shots don’t affect it. Mid battle, the energy surrounding the Gojulas bursts, revealing what used to be the Gojulas. It (and presumably Tau) joins the engagement, and the clone goes down pretty quick. It is captured alive, though every weapon and limb is ripped off.
Mothra loses a foot in the fight, and afterwards Zig can be heard arguing with someone to “stay out of her life.”
Late in the day, a prisoner transport Hover Cargo picks up the Black Reddler pilot. He is quite pleased to be gone from the crazy people, despite the beer.
On the 8th, Mothra is back in action. A Leoncross Whale King arrives to collect the incapacitated Stinger at 0800, but two clones attack at the same time, apparently attempting to defend their brother.
Ixel: + combat = 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +25 combat +10 RP = 1,805 (Lv19)
Oliver: +25 combat +10 RP +1 = 1,754 (Lv19)
Job: +25 combat +10 RP = 1,776 (Lv19)
Daerik: +25 combat +10 RP = 1,783 (Lv19)
George: +25 combat +10 RP +1 = 1,625 (Lv18)



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