Zoids: The Western Continent War

Zig, George, and an Anvil

They may not be Prada, but they look AMAZING

Zig is working diligently on learning to be a blacksmith, which mainly involves telling George what to do, since Zig isn’t large with the upper-body strength.

Omega offers moral support in the form of modeling Zig and George’s creations, but is very confused by the idea of having something else added to his feet. He walks around like a cat with something sticky on it’s feet (which is to say, picking up each foot and shaking it before taking a step).

The “shoes” sort of look like headbands for the feet, with pictures etched on them such as smiley faces and stick figures of zoids shooting at other zoids. Zig insists that eventually all zoids will want them, but George and Omega are not convinced. Zig leaves her room at night to sneak around and take foot measurements of all the zoids.

Sigma doesn’t seem enthusiastic.

Li seems glad that Zig is staying out of major trouble—for now.


Job is vaguely concerned about the possibilities of the combination of George and Zig, but is happy to see Zig behaving like her old self again. He had been worrying about her since the death of Shinee. He is very pleased to have the whole party back together again, where he can keep an eye on Zig and Li. Hard to shake off that responsible older brother mentality he’s lived with all his life.

Zig, George, and an Anvil

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