Colonel Hunt

Helic Gordos Pilot and Field Commander


Date of Birth: July 31, ZAC 2072
Age: 28
Blood Type: AB+
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’06"
Weight: 170 lbs

Rank: Colonel, Helic Army
Zoid: Gordos “Spike”

Hunt is stocky, and has a round face. His hair is a military cut, but slightly longer in the back than regulations specify. There is a scar on his face, running down the left cheek from the corner of his eye, from his first encounter with Spike.


Thomas Hunt never wears his full uniform out in the field, and only when he has to in base. he usually socializes with the troops under his command, rather than his colleagues, hardly ever going into the Officers Club.

Spike was originally a feral Gordos on the Central Continent. Hunt befriended him, and Spike eventually let him into the cockpit. The two became close, and joined the Helic army together.

Hunt was a Captain stationed at Yetzu when the base fell, leading the defense from the front lines, despite Spike taking critical damage from a Genosaurer and Iron Kong. He brought up the rear of the stragglers, guarding against several Guylos attacks on the column. For his actions, he was promoted to Major, and Spike received a CP-10 Supercannon set. Over the next few months, Hunt and Spike led delaying actions and perimeter guard posts around Eastern HQ. Their overwhelming success led Guylos to put a price on their heads, and the Republic to give Hunt another promotion.

Colonel Hunt

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