Job Thorsen


Name: Sergeant Job Thorsen, Helic Republic Zoid Pilot
Age: 20, Sex: M,
Height: 5’10", Build: wiry, Eyes: blue, Hair: dark brown, curly, worn very short;
Level: 18, Zoid Level: 5, Experience: 1676, To Level: ?

Power: 4, Reflexes: 9, Endurance: 2, Intelligence: 9,
Reaction Time: 18, Initiative: 18, Hit Points: 3

Athletics: 21
Bluff: 4
Combat – Pistol: 10
Construct – Zoids: 13
Construct – Zoid Weaponry: 14
Construct – Zoid Farm Equipment: 8
Expert – Zoid Weaponry: 15
Expert – Geography: 8
Expert – History: 11
Expert – Zoid History: 12
Instinct: 26
Intimidate: 4
Negotiation: 2
Senses: 26
Sneaking: 4
Survival: 23
Trivia: 8
Zoid Pilot: 25

Quirks Max: 10, Points: Max Points: 6
Alertness: +1
Crack Shot: +4
Natural Pilot: +2
Sniper: 0
Common Sense: +2
Talented: +1
Curiosity: -2
Headstrong: -2

Gear: 10’ fiber rope, rucksack, daypack, mummy bag, Military Issue Pistol (1d6), EMT Kit, 0 MRE’s (known to Republican soldiers as Meals Refused by the Empire), M.I. Handheld Radio, Infrared Binoculars, reg. binoculars, camera, combat knife, journal & pen

Zoid: RBOZ-003 Gojulas Name: Gojira (Goji, for short) 399.1 tons
Power: 8
Reflexes: 6
Endurance: 8
Intelligence: 6
Armor Deflection: 19
Absorption: 8
Speed: 15"
Reaction Time: 10
Averaged Stats:
Reflexes: 7
Intelligence: 7
Reaction Time: 14
Armor Deflection: 27
Attacks per Round: 4
Turns Per Round: 2
Turning Rate: 180 degrees/5", 90 degrees/7", 45 degrees/ 8"
Initiative: 18
ZHP: 190
Melee: +19
Ranged +18

CP10 Republic Supercannons
AB: 26, R: 120", D: 10d12, S/R: 1, AP: 8, CT: 1, Cl: Superheavy Ordinance
5" radius burst
Quad Heavy Cannon Pod (x2)
AB: 26, R: 60", D: 2d12, S/R:13, AP: 3, CT: 0, Cl: Heavy Artillery
CPO4 Attack Unit (x2)
AB:26, R: 50", D: 8d8, S/R: 2, AP: 5, CT: 0, Cl: Superheavy Artillery
Twin 70mm Macine Guns (x2)
AB: 26, R: 50", D: 2d6, S/R: 2, AP: 1, CT: 0, Cl: Heavy Machinegun
AMD Double-Barreled 30mm Beam Cannon (tail)
AB: 26, R: 36", D: 1d5, S/R: 2; AP: 0, CT: 0, Cl: Light Artillery
Panova 20mm Surface-to-Air Beam Gun (x2, tail)
AB: 26, R: 36", D:1d4, S/R: 2, AP: 0, CT:0, Cl: Light Rifle AA
Maxter 30mm Multi-purpose Machine Gun (x2,tail)
AB: 26, R: 40", D: 1d5, S/R: 3, AP: 1, CT: 0, Cl: Light Machinegun
Gu-03 Eyeflasher
AB: 19, R: 0, D: 1d12 14, S/R: 1, AP: 0, CT: 0, Cl: melee
Claws (x2)
AB: 19, R:0, D: 1d10
7, S/R: 2, AP: 0, CT: 0, Cl: Melee
AB: 19, R: 0, D: 1d12 +7, S/R: 1, AP:0, CT: 0, Cl: melee
AB: 19, R:0, D: 1d8 +7, S/R: 1, AP: 0, CT: 0, Cl: Melee

Special Systems:
CP-04 Stabiliser (x2) – -2 attack if destroyed; Heavy Artillery
CP-04 Rapid Reload Mechanism (x2)
CP-10 Rapid Reload Mechanism
Electro-magnetic Shield w/SRDS ZHP:150, A: 0, Dur: 3, Use: unlimited, CT: 3, can activate on enemy attk – loses 1 rnd Dur
Targeting Unit +6
Ejection Seat +4 bonus on rolls to escape
EF Booster Dur: 4, CT: 2, +5", -1 Turn Rate, -2 ranged attack rolls
EF Search Radar Range 40’, Terrain Mapping, unaffected by weather
Magnesser Drive +70%, +70 tons

Solid Build: +2 on End rolls to save against damage effects
Stable Gun Platform: can move and fire superheavy weapons in same round

Tau velociraptor-like wild zoid?, organoid? discovered in ruins
can meld (fm) with Gojulas and increase its performance
personality: not easily impressed or surprised


Job has been a Zoid pilot for the Republic for several years. When the story opens he pilots a Command Wolf and has ambitions to find one of the legendary HoundSoldiers. He joined the military as soon as he was old enough after a particularly nasty Imperial attack on a village near his town. After seeing what happened to the village the hatred he’s always felt for the Empire deepened. It’s in his bones and blood now. He does not enjoy killing, but it will help defeat the Empire and is part of his job. He works hard at being the best pilot and the best shot that he can be and is always challenging himself to be better, and then better than that. He also studies and works with his Zoid to get the most out of it that he can. He hangs out with the mechanics a lot, too. His belief is that when something goes wrong in a fight it’s not the fault of the Zoid, it’s pilot error or the pilot’s lack of knowledge or expertise. He has a strong sense of right and wrong (not always agreeing with laws) and he can be rather high-minded and earnest. He keeps this mostly under control and would never do anything, or refuse to do something, that might put his comrades in danger. He will avoid killing needlessly whenever he can, but he doesn’t feel a small unit has the capabilities of coping with POWs when on a mission.

He does have a sense of humor and can laugh at himself. People tend to like him because he is never self-righteous about his abilities or working as hard as he does. He’s a friendly guy, not averse to having a few beers when off-duty, and a good listener. He had a girlfriend when he was younger, but due to time and distance they went their separate ways. At the moment he feels that a relationship would only complicate his life. He also feels, rather naively, that he doesn’t have time to devote to a relationship, not understanding that love doesn’t give a shit about such details, and will happen when it will.

Job has just turned 20 and has been in the military for going on three years. He is a Corporal and has had only positive reviews, even a couple of glowing ones. He respects, and will defer to, experience. He’s 5’10" and wiry, has curly dark brown hair which he keeps cut short so it doesn’t interfere with anything – like seeing. He is practical.

Promoted to Sergeant August 1, ZAC 2100

Job Thorsen

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