Kora Reinhardt

Well, I’ve got short black hair, except for my bangs which are in my face (and purple). I usually wear cargo pants, combat boots, and a tank top, with my jacket wrapped around my waist. Some Republican dogtags dangle from my neck.


Power: 4
Reflexes: 8
Endurance: 5
Intelligence: 7

1d4 roll: 2
HP: 7

Current Level: 18
Experience: 1705
To Next: 5

Zoid Level: 5

Skill Points:
Max Ranks level +2

Athletics (Power, Reflexes or Endurance) – 4
Bluff (Intelligence) –
Combat (Power or Reflexes) [Small Arms] – 5
Construct (Salvage) – 4
Construct (Zoids) – 2
Expert (First Aid) – 6
Expert (Geography) – 6
Instinct (Intelligence) – 20
Intimidate (Intelligence) – 5
Negotiation (Intelligence) – 6
Senses (Intelligence) – 20
Sneaking (Reflexes or Intelligence) – 2
Survival (Endurance or Intelligence) – 5
Trivia (Intelligence) – 7
Zoid Pilot – 20

Quirks (Max+6/10): +3
Crack Shot +10
Curiosity -2
Fisticuffs -10
Headstrong -2
Sniper 0
Precision +5
Precision +5
Wanted -3

Mummy Bag
Medical Kit (x2)
Provisions (x3)
Pen and Paper
Money 142,808


Born and raised in one of Europa’s colonies. My parents and siblings still take care of the farm. It was peaceful here, before the Empire showed up…

She happened across a battlefield after the Empire had already left and found a damaged zoid and its dying pilot. After the pilot passed Kora took the zoid for repairs and turned to mercenary work to pay the repair bills. Her folks were worried about her, but let her go since they feared the presence of a zoid in the village would make it a target in the eyes of the Empire.

She feels a bit uncomfortable piloting it, since it seemed that the pilot had a strong bond with the zoid. She also was given the pilot’s last request of finding his love and returning his dogtags to her.

Personality-wise she’s something of a go-getter, quick to act, and on occasion, overconfident.

Kora Reinhardt

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