Li Berzen


Power: 6
Reflexes: 7
Endurance: 6
Intelligence: 11

HP: 9

Construct (Zoids): 11(relevant stat)
Expert (Zoid tech): 12(
relevant stat)
Expert (Zoid weaponry): 16
Expert (Zoid systems): 16
Expert (Zoid tech): 16
Expert (Zoid construction/repair): 17
Expert (obscure Zoid lore): 17
Expert (electronic warfare): 20
Expert (Zoid design): 17
Instinct: 8
Senses: 5
Sneaking: 7/5
Survival: 7/6
Zoid Pilot: 17/15

Oblivious (-1)
Lousy Shot (-3)
Bond (with Ru) +4
Hacker +2
Machine Head 0
Expert: Electronic Warfare +2


Basic description:
Height: 5’7"
Age: 17
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: light brown/sorta goldish

Short and skinny and pretty androgynous, his (pronouns for reader convenience) long hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail. He has long bangs that fall into his face. He wears darker clothing (since grease stains don’t show up on them). There is a blue marking under his left eye.

Li is awkward and reserved around people, but he talks to Zoids in a much more friendly and confident manner. He’s incredibly smart, and knows more about Zoids than most. And adores them completely, especially cat-like Zoids. Has something of a ‘mad scientist’ streak when it comes to ideas for new Zoids, systems and weapons. Also, he drinks coffee with positively ludicrous amounts of sugar in it.

Li has always loved Zoids. As a kid, he spent most of his time watching the small Zoids that did contruction and other work around town. His mother is a mechanic, and she let him watch while she fixed Zoids- and, as he got older, start helping. When soldiers or mercenaries came through, Li would always be around, trying to get a better look at the Zoids.

Then one day, things got a bit more interesting. There was a battle, well away from the town. When things settled down, most of the town came out to see the results. Li saw a plethora of destroyed or badly mangled Zoids; the battle had been intense. He wasn’t allowed to get too close; the military was handling clean up.

But there were tracks, Li saw, leading away from the battle. Helcat, and badly damaged. He followed them into the hills, nearly losing them several times. Eventually he found the Helcat. It was heavily damaged, just as he’d thought. It tried to move, though, when it noticed him; after all, the pilot was still alive.

She was badly hurt, too, and trying to patch herself up. She explained to Li that her Helcat was too badly damaged for the military to repair; the Empire would scrap it, and she couldn’t bear that. So she was trying to hide him. Li, seeing a feline Zoid in trouble, promised to repair the poor thing.

The pilot, Lenare, accepted his help. With some help from a local doctor, she also managed to recover- though she lost her legs, and much of the use of her left arm. And Li managed to save the Helcat (who Lenare had named Ru), and with time repair it completely. He had to sell the weapons in order to get some of the needed parts, though; his mother helped with that.

Since it was clear that Lenare would never be able to pilot again, she gave Ru to Li. After all, she said, Li had saved Ru, so he’d earned the right to pilot him. Li accepted, and soon after Li left town with Ru, wandering about as a mercenary mechanic. He was a little dubious about working for the Empire, though; after all, they might take offense to how he’d acquired Ru.

Li learned that the Republic was looking to devlop new and better weapons to combat the newest Imperial Zoids; curiousity led him there. He wanted to develop new Zoids and systems and weapons. And the idea of exploring ruins and finding out more about older technology fascinated him…

Li Berzen

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