Major Dupane

Former Commander, Republican "Yetzu" Base


Date of Birth: 21 September, ZAC 2066
Age: 33
Blood Type: AB-
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 204 lbs

Rank: Major
Zoid: Shield Liger DCS

Dupane is a tall man, solidly built. He has a square-set jawline, and everything about him screams “Military” to any observer. He wears his complete uniform at all times, even off-duty, and sports a crew-cut, with a clean-shaven face. His nose is a little wider than normal, which is especially noticeable, since his face is on the narrow side.


Major Henry M. Dupane is the commander of the Republic’s Yetzu Base on the Western Continent, taking command there in December, ZAC 2099. He has extensive experience piloting the Command Wolf, before advancing to the Shield Liger and Shield Liger DCS.

Dupane comes from a military family, and his grandfather piloted a King Baron before the Meteor Strike in ZAC 2056. He does not think much of the skills of mercenary pilots, because they have not had “proper” training. He also does not like that they operate on a contract basis, outside the regular service. However, he does appreciate that they fill a vital manpower shortage while the Helic forces on Europa are fighting for survival, and grudgingly employs them, although he will usually attach Helic regulars to mercenary units on important missions.

Since the fall of Yetzu, Dupane has been reassigned to the Helic Eastern HQ, taking up a field command of a unit of Shield Ligers.

Major Dupane

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