Power: 4
Reflexes: 11
Endurance: 5
Intelligence: 8

Reaction Time: 18
Initiative: 18
HP: 8

-natural pilot
-second chance

Athletics: 11/8
Combat (Sword): 14/11
Combat (fists): 12/9
Construct (Zoids): 16/15/13
Construct (Zoid Weapons): 16/15/13
Expert (History): 15
Expert (Military History): 15
Intimidate: 10
Negotiation: 2
Senses: 10
Survival: 10/8
Zoid Pilot: 18/17


age: 18
Nationality: mixed (comes from disputed territory)
gender: male
height: 5’7"

has a cape, Kamina shades, and a katana. his hair is white and spiky. so anime it hurts.

Family Advice:
wear yellow on Wednesdays or sea rhinos will eat you
-no cannibalism, especially on Sundays
-no shaving ever
it’s good camo
-biting is only allowed on Fridays. blood may be drawn, but not swallowed.
-rock-parchment-katana is always 2 out of 3
-all Zoids must have gold on them somewhere
-coincidences are for people who don’t think very hard
-only non-lethal damage on family
-beer whenever possible
-when trying out new Zoids, each turn is 30 minutes
-no showers on Thursday
-not allowed to be a drug dealer
-always be prepared to make s’mores
-braid beard on Wednesdays

Oliver and his grandmother are the only members of the family who do not look like Hagrid. his grandma used to be the token sane one, but Oliver has since taken on that burden.


Zoids: The Western Continent War twilightblaze13