Sergent Puller

Communications officer, Republican Eastern HQ


Date of Birth: 11 April, ZAC 2080
Age: 20
Blood Type: A+
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 178 lbs

Rank: Sergent
Zoid: none

Puller is a lanky young man, usually with an even grin on his face.He can usually be found wearing his uniform’s collar open by one or two buttons, and the sleeves rolled up above the elbows. At first glance, his neck appears long, but it actually isn’t. His face has a slightly boy-ish appearance.


James Q. Puller was born to a family of farmers in a small village in the eastern Central Continent. He helped out on the farm until he joined the Republican army in ZAC 2097.

Puller quickly enlisted in the signal corps, and proved to be quite capable with codes and communications systems. Upon the outbreak of war with the Empire, Puller was dispatched to the Western Continent. He was assigned to the Yetzu Base in December, ZAC 2099. He took command of the base’s communications when the actual comms officer was ambushed enroute by Guylos forces in January.

Puller is friendly, and likes to remain on good terms with both his subordinates and superiors. He doesn’t pilot Zoids, but has always had an interest in them and related technology. However, he is the default go-to guy on the base for anything related to communications tech. He even has several senior members of other bases communications staff who call on him for help.

After the fall of Yetzu Base in February, Puller retreated with the rest of the personnel to the Eastern HQ. There, he was assigned the role of Chief of Communications for the base, and mission planner for the search teams.

Sergent Puller

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