Zig Zag "Smith"

Incredibly Wacky Zoid Pilot


Zig is the pilot of a Bio Raptor Gui named Shi-nee. She’s short, she has weird hair, she would never set foot on the ground if she could avoid it by simply staying in the air all the time.

She likes to think of herself as graceful.

Unfortunately, she’s incredibly deluded.


Zig’s twin brother was known as Zag. Since his death she has adopted part of his personality. She frequently talks to him, sometimes out loud. In fact, sometimes she thinks she hears his voice in her head.

Luckily, he was the level-headed one… So sometimes his advice keeps her out of trouble.

Not so luckily, he was also incredibly hot tempered when provoked… and she’s taken on that aspect of his personality to a certain extent as well.

Zig Zag "Smith"

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