Bio Raptor Gui

Light Air Support Zoid

Power 1 Reflexes 6 Endurance 4 Intelligence 4
ZHP 29 Armor Deflection 19 Absorption 3 Speed 28’
Reaction Time 10 Melee +1 Ranged +10

Armament & Equipment
Freezing Breath
Ice Killer Bite
Ice Killer Claws

Special Rules
Agile: The Zoid is designed with an emphasis on mobility. It may make one additional turn during its movement.
Light Hell Armor: Hell Armor is heavily resistant to energy and physical weapons. Any weapon that strikes a Zoid with Hell Armor has its damage reduced by 25%. However, if a weapon has the Leeo special rule, it ignores this and also doubles damage to the Zoid.
No Feet: The Bio Raptor Gui normally has to operate from specialized facilities, since it has no feet. However, it can perform short take-offs and landings (STOL) if it needs to operate in the field. The Pilot must make a Zoid Pilot + average Reflexes skill roll to do so. The TR is 12 for landings and 14 for take-offs.
Thought Control: Bio Zoids are piloted using thought control pilot suits. Their pilots gain +2 on all attack rolls.


The Gui is a regular Bio Raptor redesigned for flight; its forelimbs have been modified into wings. It is frequently used as a bomber, since its air-to air capability is limited.

Examples of the Bio Raptor Gui have been found in various places since the ZAC 2056 meteor strikes, chambers holding them having been brought to the surface by the tectonic changes that resulted. Their origin is unknown, but they seem to be more organic than standard combat-type Zoids.

Bio Raptor Gui

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