Command Wolf

Light Combat Zoid

Power 7 Reflexes 6 Endurance 3 Intelligence 4
ZHP 84 Armor Deflection 19 Absorption 1 Speed 32"
Reaction Time 10 Melee +7 Ranged +10

Armament & Equipment
Twin 50mm Cannon
Electron Bite Fangs
Smoke Discharger

Special Rules
Battlefield Control: When rolling for initiative at the beginning of combat, the Command Wolf, and any Zoids on the same side as it, may add +2 to their roll.
Nimble: The Command Wolf retains its full Reflexes Stat to its Armor Deflection, even if it didn’t move in the last turn.*


The Command Wolf first appeared in ZAC 2042, as a response to the new generation of Zenebas Zoids, including the Black Rhimos and Wardick. Larger than the previous Helic “soldier” Zoids, the Command Wolf was designated as the Helic Army’s new standard frontline weapon. Besides acting as a soldier machine, the Zoid was used to lead groups of older, smaller Zoids, giving it its name. Despite the Command Wolf’s abilities, it was still outmatched by the Zenebas Zoids, and the Helic Republic suffered a string of serious defeats.

Most Command Wolves in the Republic’s service were destroyed during Gunter Prozen’s coup attempt in the Empire’s capital. Following this, the Republic began to replace the Command Wolf with new Zoids like the Leostriker, and revived pre-meteor designs like the Arosaurer.

Command Wolf

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