Transport and Support Zoid

Power 20 Reflexes 1 Endurance 10 Intelligence 2
ZHP 140 Armor Deflection 12 Absorption 10 Speed 21"
Reaction Time 3 Melee +20 Ranged +3

Armament and Equipment
GPS Composite Sensor
2x Land Mine Detector
Long Range Search Radar
High-Tension Grappling Hooks

Special Rules
Durable: A Gustav which reaches 0 ZHP is not outright destroyed like normal, but instead completely shuts down and can be repaired.
Solid Build: The Gustav is designed with an emphasis on durability. It gets a +2 bonus on Endurance rolls to save against damage effects.


The Gustav first appeared in the early ZAC 2030s, used by the Helic Forces. The Zoid quickly became the Helic army’s standard transport unit, and was soon adopted by the Zenebas Empire as well. The Gustav served with both forces for the duration of the war.
Over time, the Gustav spread to independant operators and civilian users across all of Zi. Numerous Gustavs were used by freelance operators prior to the Western Continent War in ZAC 2099. Many of these were later acquired by both Helic and Guylos forces to use in support of their armies.


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