Fast Scout Zoid

Power 5 Reflexes 8 Endurance 3 Intelligence 4
ZHP 56 Armor Deflection 21 Absorption 2 Speed 29"
Reaction Time 12 Melee +2 Ranged +12

Armament and Equipment
Small Bore Double-Barreled Laser Machinegun
AZ 20mm Double-Barreled Beam Cannon
Composite Sensor Unit
3D Radar Antenna
Optic Camouflage

Special Rules
Cockpit Capsule: The Helcat’s head can detach from the Zoid and function independantly. See the Cockpit Capsule entry for details.
Extended Cloaking: The Helcat may run its Optic Camouflage for twice the normal amount of time.
Nimble: The Helcat retains its full Reflexes Stat to its Armor Deflection, even if it didn’t move in the last turn.
Sound Suppression: Any rolls made to hear the Helcat are made at -5.


Introduced in ZAC 2034, the Zoid was a pioneer in high-speed and stealth combat. What it lacked in armor it made up for in stealth. The Helcat was designed for surprise attacks in forest and Mountain regions, and was nicknamed “The Jungle Assassin” because of its advanced stealth technology and its ability to engage enemy forces silently. This left more noticeable Zoids like the Command Wolf and other Republic Zoids outmatched in battle, and the Helcat would continue to be used with great effect.


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