Zoids: The Western Continent War

27 August, ZAC2100
Huntsmen to saddle!

On the 23rd, the team arrives the the base for upgrades. They are astounded (some moreso than others) at the size of the fortress floating above the Triangle Daras. At just under 5 miles high, and over a mile wide, Sora City floats majestically over the Triangle Daras at an altitude of almost 10 miles. Few Zoids can fly this high, though the Ghidramander handles it well. The Whale King docks, and the team’s Zoids are loaded onto special trailers that haul them off for upgrades. Millie suggests that they oversee, or, at least, observe, the upgrades of their Zoids, while Madoan gets used to his new ride with some dummy combat.
Upgrades are completed on the 24th, and Ixel is dragged off by his mother to resume a conversation that was interrupted three years prior. Death Stinger activity is reported late morning as supply is finishing. It is too far away to make it in time, but Dana is reported en route. Her team handles it, but not without casualties. This Stinger is a clone, and it had very poor armament and armor, apparently immature. Dana was unable to capture it, since it exploded. The wreckage is being salvaged and brought in for examination in another Whale King.
The next morning, the team is surprised when they are led to their new ride: a Zoid, about the same size as a regular Whale King, but built like the Bio Tyranno. They are greeted by a small, blue, Wolf-type Zoid, who is very excited to see them. Li and Zig are back. Zig seems to have become lost in the new Zoid, apparently not for the first time. Li has completed the Bio Whale using a dead Whale King and the data he pulled off of Shinee. Mao and Ru are still kicking, docked in the enormous hangar bay.
The team departs and arrives back over Republic airspace on the 27th. They identify the new ride at HQ, then head west to investigate the large lake east of Mt. Olympus. They find a strange, carved stone at the bottom, and send an image to the New Helic Museum. Several Heldigunners are in the area, but they steer clear.
Session 22 EXP
Ixel: +0 combat +15 RP = 1,437 (Lv 17)
Kora: +0 combat +15 RP +2 = 1,705 (Lv 18)
Oliver: +0 combat +15 RP = 1,653 (Lv 18)
Job: +0 combat +15 RP = 1,676 (Lv 18)
Daerik: +0 combat +15 RP = 1,683 (Lv 18)
George: +0 combat = 1,524 (Lv 17)

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21 August, ZAC2100
Meetings and Revelations

Heading West, the team encounters a small Guylos force on July 30th (Mon). It consists of four Molgas, and two Iguans. The battle is over before the Guylos know what hit them. Little valuable intelligence is gained; they were scouting the area. But the team does find a rough map that shows Guylos has formed a pocket perimeter around the two bridgeheads that cross the river East of Mt Olympus. On the 1st of August they run into a more sizeable force, consisting of a Genosaurer and five Rev Raptors.
On the 4th, they are vectored to a spot slightly north-west to meet a supply unit. The food and water supplies are refilled, and Job receives a promotion to Sergent, with Date of Rank August 1.
Ruin H4133 is reached on August 9th (Thurs). It is listed as an old Helic watchtower and weather station. Half-buried in the sand is a deceased Gojulas, its armor turned to stone. Its Core was removed long ago, probably when it was abandoned. A large crater next to the ruin is responsible for the Gojulas being revealed, and the partial demolition of the structure. Most objects of value have been removed, but there is an elderly notebook in a desk that has a few notes from the ZAC2060s, concerning the damage done to the facility by the Meteor Strikes.
While at the ruin, the team gets a call from Eastern, vectoring them to a rendezvous with another Helic group that needs some extra firepower to hit a small Guylos base in the South.
Blade Liger, Shield Liger, 2 Command Wolf AUs
Col. Bruce Hilgard, Ens. George Hill, Sgt. Hank Thomas, Cpl. Fred Corbet (resp)
Daerik and Bruce knew each other when Daerik did his stint with Sam. He’s heard of the accident. Once they stole a keg from an officers party (“Three days well spent in the brig.”)
The target base is believed to have a cache of fuel and weapons, which the Republic would like to capture intact. Known units include and Iron Kong, two Genosaurers, two Lightning Saix, two Saber Tigers, five Rev Raptors, four Helcats, five Molgas, and three Saicurtis.
The attack is at dawn on the 11th (Sat). Most of the Guylos Zoids don’t even have a chance to be manned, and the attack only lasts about five minutes before the base wisely surrenders. POW and transport Hover Cargoes arrive that evening and the next morning, at which point the team is detached to continue their original objectives.
They initially head for the bridges, but change plans and catch a Hover Cargo heading back to Eastern, running escort on the way back, and arriving there on the 20th. Kora’s new gun barrels are in, and final construction and installation is completed by noon the next day. Ixel orders a new Magnessor System for Juniper.
On the 21st, Kora is testing the new guns when an odd sight is seen in the sky: a white and gold Whale King. Ixel, away from the group, looks up, walks over to the Dash Juliet, and exits the base. The rest of the team investigates the Whale King, and finds Ixel gone. The six get called into HQ. Puller directs them to Conference Room 4, where they meet Millie, Ixels eldest sister. When she finds out Ixel split, she calls him and tells him “Get your ass back here.” The rest of the team is impressed with his compliance. When he returns, she briefs them on the problem.
On August 18th, two bases were attacked. One was the Guylos base you skirted using Leoncross IFF codes back in May, and the other was a Republic pursuit base set up on the remains of Yetsu. Both were attacked by a single, large, scorpion-type Zoid. The Empire base was attacked at dusk, while the Republic was attacked at dawn, both on the 18th. She shows you two video clips, both somewhat poor quality, of the bases under attack. The Zoid is unmistakably the Death Stinger, but something seems off. One of the clips shows it being white, but the attack on the Helic base appears to show a light blue. The Death Stinger appears to be cloning itself, which is a serious problem, especially since it can swim. Millie asks you to work with them in hunting the DSs down. Terms include full maintenance support, and a Hover Cargo or Whale King with Juniper’s level of comms and surveillance tech installed, plus pay: ¤1,000 each a week, plus ¤120,000 each for every ZS the team bags. They want the ZS cores completely destroyed, and preferably the entire Zoid, but, if possible, want one captured incomplete so as to figure out how long it takes them to fully clone, and try to figure out how many are in existence.
After they accept, she introduces Ixel (and co) to a recently completed Zoid assigned to him: Bio Tyranno. She has them bring their Zoids aboard the Whale King, and notifies Helic HQ that they are being given a special assignment. They take off for an unknown base for upgrades.
Ixel: +137 combat +10 RP = 1,422 (lv17)
Kora: +137 combat +10 RP = 1,688 (lv18)
Oliver: +137 combat +10 RP = 1,638 (lv18)
Job: +137 combat +10 RP = 1,661 (lv18)
Daerik: +137 combat +10 RP = 1,668 (lv18)
George: +137 combat +10 RP = 1,524 (lv17)

28 July, ZAC2100
It's back.

Around midnight on the 22nd (Sun), Job see flashes of gunfire to the South, in the direction of travel. Waking the rest of the team, they show concern, especially Tau, who growls in the direction of the gunfire. The flashes stop shortly, before they can move out to investigate. On the 23rd, they come across a battlefield littered with destroyed Zoids. Most have been savagely ripped apart. Crushed, torn, slashed, and twisted parts remain strewn around the dunes, some half buried. Some pilots and crew can be seen in blood-stained patches of sand. Few of the bodies are intact. Some seem to have died painlessly. The wrecks are of both Helic and Guylos Zoids. Only one thing seems to be common to all the wrecks: the Zoid Cores have all been either destroyed or removed. Suddenly, Tau sprints over to a downed Gun Sniper, and begins calling to you. Investigating, you find a Helic pilot, Sgt. Geoff Briggs, barely alive. He’s managed to tourniquet his left leg, missing below the knee. He drifts in and out of catatonic consciousness, mumbling incoherently. It’s not until several hours later that you understand something from him, and then only two words: Death Stinger. He comes out of it long enough to tell you what happened.
“We were pursuing a column West-Southwest, when we run into this other group heading east. A fight breaks out, and everyone’s getting hammered, when the ground right below me explodes, and there’s this ginormous white scorpion. Everyone started panicking, and it opens up on us and the Guylos. Even the heavy guns just bounced off it! We couldn’t escape, and it straight up murders everyone. It started ripping cores out of some of the Zoids, and then disappeared right back underground.” He breaks down, and passes out again shortly after. The team calls in an emergency medivac Hover Cargo, and pass the pilot and some documents salvaged off to them.
On the 25th, they encounter a random Iguan, abandoned in the middle of the desert. George leaves a bedpan in the cockpit, and scratches “George was here” in the paint, before attaching a tracking device to the Zoid. Daerik makes a partycracker booby trap and rigs it to go off when the cockpit opens.
The party arrives at ruin 11213 on July 26 (Thursday). The sea is visible from the ruin.
Guylos has apparently been through here thoroughly. They find the remains of where Omega’s pod is likely to have been, and another that has been recently opened. No trace of where it might have gone or with who, though the team strongly assumes it is in Guylos’ hands. Behind a shut off section of wall, they find a third pod, still intact. The occupant is a black Tyrannosaur-type. Upon awakening, it converses briefly with Tau, before stalking outside. After looking around briefly (and snubbing Ares, much to Kora’s dismay), it steals Iron Tiger and runs off with it for a bit, several team Zoids chasing after it. They all return, eventually, and the new Zoid, dubbed Beta by Oliver, stands down. At least, until it dumps Oliver into Iron Tiger and they go for a run.
On July 28th, they run into a Guylos patrol, which puts up a good fight, especially the Geno Breaker pilot, Major Shi Regnik. The Major is taken prisoner, but is extremely smug about the whole deal. They hand him over to the MP Hover Cargo, along with his custom Geno Breaker and a Rev Raptor, along with a Guylos intelligence report on a Death Stinger attack on the 18th: two Iron Kongs and three Saber Tigers were destroyed in much the same manner as the battlefield you passed.
Ixel: 1,275 (lv16)
Kora: +92 combat +5 RP +9 = 1,541 (lv18)
Oliver: +92 combat +5 RP = 1,491 (lv17)
Job: +92 combat +5 RP = 1,514 (lv17)
Daerik: +92 combat +5 RP +5 = 1,521 (lv17)
George: +92 combat +5 RP +10 = 1,377 (lv17)

21 July, ZAC2100
Perfect Match

The party arrives at the Ghidramander’s presumed location on the 18th (Wed). The most obvious feature of the area is an abandoned base. It was an old base with a single large runway. Official records state that it was abandoned in ZAC 2042, when the Republic had problems to deal with closer to home. The team proceeds cautiously, with George circling in Monkey to keep eyes out for Guylos forces, and any unfortunate Rabits that might cross his path.
Some of the hangars contain heavy lift cranes built into the structure. Surprisingly, they are all in pretty good condition, and functional. Also discovered are a stash of 3 TRZ 20mm Linear Lasers, and a functional Godos and Furolesios. In the control tower, Ixel discovers a trap door, locked, both electronically, and with a key. Upon unlocking it with a plasma cutter, it is discovered to hide a shaft with a long ladder. The ladder ends next to a door with a wire reenforced window. Ixel unlocks it in a very professionally archaeological manner, and they proceed down the next short hallway to a similar door, which is not locked.
Behind the door is an immense underground hangar. In the hangar, they find the Ghidramander, still functional, and awake. It is standing still, but its heads and tails are moving about, and it turns to look at the group as they enter. It roars at everybody. Even those not in tune with Zoids can tell that it is studying everyone carefully. After George comes down, the Ghidramander seems to take an interest in him, and it moves the right head close to George, and opens the canopy, apparently offering him the pilot seat. George hops in, and, to everyones surprise except his, seems to have control of the Ghidramander. He elects to take it out of the hangar and it quite happily lets him fly it around.
Talk turns to what to do with the Zoid. Given its cooperation with George, they decide to keep it, and to transfer Monkey back to Oliver and George’s family. They first remove the Impact Cannon Unit, and keep it in inventory. Oliver flies Monkey back to the farm, and then rides back in the Ghidramander. The rendezvous with the party on the 20th.
The next day, they run into a mixed Guylos/merc unit, heading East for the coast. The Ghidramander easily destroys a Black Redler BC, then heads off the rest of the force until the ground units catch up. The Guylos force is routed, and two prisoners surrender. They are quite pleased with their treatment, and are sad when picked up the next day.
Meanwhile, the team continues South…
Ixel: +74 combat +10 RP = 1,275 (lv16)
Kora: +74 combat +10 RP = 1,435 (lv17)
Oliver: +74 combat +10 RP = 1,394 (lv17)
Job: +74 combat +10 RP = 1,417 (lv17)
Daerik: +74 combat +10 RP = 1,419 (lv17)
George: +74 combat +10 RP = 1,270 (lv16)

17 July, ZAC2100
What the heck is this?

The party heads south on Tuesday, July 10th. They are passing through the desert on the 15th, when Iron Tiger’s leg sinks into the ground. After carefully extracting it, they find the hole is apparently in the roof of a cavern of some sort. Closer inspection reveals it to be a tunnel, metallic in nature. Aside from the large pile of sand from Iron Tiger opening the roof, it is empty. The ceiling is about 10-15 feet underground, the passageway is 10 feet square. The air is very stale, and the lights don’t seem to be working. Anything even partially organic is or has rotted away. Mold grows on the walls, and everything else. The occasional script they come across is like nothing they have ever seen, including on the G3. They find nothing useable until four floors down, when they come across a door with a light on the control panel. Behind it is a room with two pods like the one Omega was found inside. One is shattered, but the other still has power running to it. Opening it, the team finds a dark blue Tyrannosaur-type Zoid, that looks very similar in design to Omega. It wakes up, initially being hostile, but calms down and begins following Job around. Calling the New Helic City Museum nets the team no details on the newly discovered ruin, except for a stern “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING” from Dr. Siekert. Oops…
Its true nature isn’t revealed until two days later, when a small Guylos group is encountered. Just as combat ensues, it disappears in a flash of light, and somehow boosts the Gojulas’ performance. The Guylos forces are more surprised than the party, and are routed.
Ixel: = 1,191 (lv15)
Kora: +65 combat +10 RP +16 forums = 1,351 (lv16)
Oliver: +65 combat +10 RP = 1,310 (lv16)
Job: +65 combat +10 RP = 1,333 (lv16)
Daerik: +65 combat +10 RP = 1,335 (lv16)
George: = 1,186 (lv15)

July 4, ZAC2100
The Longest Day
The battle is fierce, with both sides suffering heavy casualties from the beginning. Heavy shell fire is whizzing overhead as the fast Zoids collide into melee combat. Oliver and Iron Tiger almost die in the first moments of the fight, surviving a direct blast from the Death Stingers Charged Particle Cannon. They spend the rest of the battle ducking through enemy fire, and taking pot shots with the Railgun. George takes the fight to the Guylos artillery line, and shoots down the Geno Trooper before decimating their heavy artillery units. Job concentrates his new firepower on the Death Stinger. Most of his lighter shots simply bounce off its thick armor, but his Supercannons slowly whittle it down. Ixel has trouble with his new Shield Liger DCS-J. He hasn’t quite mastered it yet, and misses several ram attempts, taking heavy damage in the process. Kora spends the fight targeting the Death Stinger with Job. Most of her shots bounce off its armor, too, but Ares’ Charged Particle Focus Gun blasts several chunks off, and even cracks its shell. Daerik and Sigma wipe out the enemy Helcats, before turning their attention to the new Geno Breakers. Their Evolt times out directly in front of one, and they try to run. The Breaker scores a direct hit, but when the smoke clears, Sigma’s new form, the Buster Wolf, is revealed. The highlight of the battle is an evenly-matched duel between Colonel Karl Schubaltz’s Iron Kong, and Major Arther Borgman’s Blade Liger. The Death Stinger goes berserk after absorbing massive damage, and opens fire on everyone, devastating both armies. It tries to fire its CPC to quickly, and it explodes. The Stinger burrows underground, and Guylos retreats. Within the hour, HQ orders all capable units to begin a general pursuit of the retreating Guylos units, in order to give them as little opportunity to regroup as possible. Pursuit teams are given the instruction to operate under calculated risk, since the Republic is still on the defensive. However, it is hoped that the result of the attack will have changed the favor of the ground war in their favor. No specific orders are issued, as to direction to pursue in, so it is largely up to the individual units where to head. At the same time the battle at Eastern was raging, an amphibious force was intercepted off the coast by the Hammerheads and repulsed. It is reported to have consisted largely of the Prozen Knights, the Guylos regent’s personal unit. Most of the retreating Guylos fled West, but a few went South. There’s also a bounty on the new Guylos Zoids Lightning Saix, Geno Breaker, and Death Stinger. After their Zoids are repaired and upgraded, the team decides to head South, both to pursue Guylos forces that fled in that direction, and to investigate several ruins along the coast.

Ixel: +271 combat +5 RP +5 fluff = 1,191 (lv15)
Kora: +271 combat +5 RP = 1,260 (lv16)
Oliver: +271 combat +5 RP = 1,235 (lv16)
Job: +271 combat +5 RP +10 fluff = 1,258 (lv16)
Daerik: +271 combat +5 RP = 1,260 (lv16)
George: +271 combat +5 RP = 1,186 (lv15)

Everyone gains another Stat point, and a Quirk re-buy from hitting Level 15. Quirk level is now at Superpowered Game, so you have a maximum of 10 Quirks and a maximum point total of +6.

June 28, ZAC 2100
All (Disturbingly) Quiet on the Western Front

The team receives hastily applied upgrades, and heads out into the field to support Colonel Hunt’s detachment. Departing the base proves to be a hair-raising experience: dodging enemy shellfire, while trying not to step on other Zoids. Somehow, the team makes it through the main barrage, though, at one point, Job’s Gojulas looks like it’s dancing a Jig. Unfortuneately, Ixel gets separated from the group in his new Shield Liger DCS-J, and George goes haring off after Rabbits, again.
Arriving at the “front”, the team finds a barren no-man’s land, with the Zoids of Hunt’s unit taking cover in the larger craters. They don’t have to wait long for action, as a sizable Guylos unit approaches. Unfortunately for the Imperials, they are quickly overwhelmed, as their Genosaurers go down before being able to fire their main weapons. The rest are mopped up without too much trouble, but they lose three Pterases to the Guylos air cover. Unfortunately for Kora, one of the Guylos pilots manages to get off a radio message about Ares.
Turns out that one of George’s “Rabbits” was a new Guylos Zoid, the Geno Trooper, which is a flight-type Genosaurer. While he didn’t shoot it down, he intimidated it and its Reddler support units enough to bug out. When asked where he went, Ixel shrugged and said “Eh, you know…”
Upon returning to the base on the 29th, the team notices something odd: the heretofore incessant bombardment has fallen silent. It remains that way for some time, grating the nerves of everyone on the base. The only inturruption of the silence is a night bombing raid of the forward positions on the night of July 2nd. Minor damage is sustained. The next day, Daerik and Sigma are asked to do an anti-Helcat recon sweep of the immediate area, but find nothing.
On the night of July 3-4, the Republic mounts a large-scale aerial reconnaissance, to try and find out what Guylos is up to. Very heavy flak results in several Zoids being brought down, for no useful information gained.
By the afternoon of July 4, tensions are running high. The team is preparing for their third deployment to the front, when, about 1400 hrs, the bombardment resumes, to the blare of the base sirens, and the cry over the loudspeaker: “PILOTS, MAN YOUR ZOIDS! GENERAL SCRAMBLE!” Officers and NCOs bellow commands, exhorting people to move faster, Daerik joining in out of force of habit.
Heavy units are deployed on and behind the wall, with the rest charging out (or over) the gates. As they become able to see over the wall, the pilots can see a huge mass of Guylos Zoids approaching the base.

This isn’t going to be easy…
Ixel: +0 combat = 910 (lv14)
Kora: +127 combat +10 fluff +5 RP = 984 (lv14)
Oliver: +127 combat +5 RP = 959 (lv14)
Job: +127 combat +5 RP = 972 (lv14)
Daerik: +127 combat = 984 (lv14)
George: +0 combat = 910 (lv14)
Ixel and George, put yourselves at exactly Level 14 (910 EXP), so you’re not ludicrously far behind everyone else.

June, ZAC 2100
Transporters of the Wasteland

With the Genosaurer up and running, the team begins its penetration of Guylos-held territory. Their first major obstacle is a base centered on the isthmus connecting the Western and Northern parts of Europa. The base is confirmed to hold several heavy units. Skirting the coast at dusk, the team is intercepted by a recon patrol of Molgas. The Molgas politely ask the team to stop, and they question them, insisting that all units going through must check in at the base. Finally brushing the Molgas off, the party continues East, but is soon being pursued by heavy units, including a Red Horn and a Genosaurer. Desperate, Ixel sends Guylos a strange IFF code, and tells them to run it through their data. A tense couple of minutes passes, with the pursuing units closing rapidly, when suddenly the Imperials break off pursuit, and an orbiting Redler apologizes for holding them up. As the Guylos head back to base, the party makes a bee line for the interior.
On the 25th, they send a message to Helic Eastern HQ, giving a status update. Based on intel received, they plot a southerly course, skirting the coast south of Mt Olympus, which seems to be largely deserted. By June 11, they have reached the river that runs Southwesterly, just east of Olympus. Daerik talks George and Kora out of needlessly destroying the bridge, and they make a brief pit-stop in a small town named Junchen Pass, where Kora drops off the Command Wolf that she has been piloting. In its place, the party loads up Daerik’s beer fridge.
By June 22, they have reached the coast due south of HQ, and they radio in to base to let them know of their approach. On the 24th, the party receives a welcome sight: a flight of Storm Sworders gives them some air cover for the run into base. After a dogfight on the 25th, where George and the Storm Sworders annihilate a group of Redlers, they finally make it into the base on June 26, two and a half months after leaving.
The base is under near-constant shelling, and the walls are defended by swarms of heavy artillery Zoids of numerous types. The group is directed straight to HQ, and they hand over their finds to the intelligence division, who are very happy with it. They also extract data from the Genosaurer, though in more depth than Kora cares for.
After a good night’s sleep, the team meets with Sgt. Puller. They are paid 30,000 each for their efforts, and Puller special orders them some custom parts, as well as scraping up a Shield Liger DCS-J for Ixel, who trades in his Rev Raptor. upon delivery, they are on the way to the front…
Session 15 EXP
Ixel: +50 Story +10 RP = 739 (Lv 12)
Kora: +50 Story +20 Quest +10 RP +5 Fluff = 842 (Lv 13)
Oliver: +50 Story +10 RP +1 = 827 (Lv 13)
Job: +50 Story +10 RP +5 fluff = 840 (Lv 13)
Daerik: +50 Story +10 RP +1 = 852 (Lv 130
George: +50 Story +10 RP = 735 (lv 12)

12 May, ZAC 2100
Upgrade Time!

On May 10, the party is overflown by an unknown Whale King. While preparing for the worst, it drops a crate, which parachutes to the ground in front of them. Upon (cautious) inspection, it turns out to contain several new weapons and systems, sent to the group by Ixel’s eldest sister. The next several hours are spent installing the new equipment, inclusive of one for each of them, plus a couple of upgrades for Juniper’s systems.

Two days later, the party makes it to the old city ruins. Brief exploration precedes hurried resupply at the cache the Gojulas trio informed them of. However, the resupply is interrupted by the approach of a Guylos border patrol unit, including a Redler, Saber Tiger, and Genosaurer. The group stops resupply operations, and prepares to ambush, which, along with their new tech, catches the Imperials completely off guard. The Genosaurer gets off one shot from its Charged Particle Focus Gun, leveling some buildings, before Kora scores a direct hit on the cockpit. The Saicurtises and Redler go down quickly, but the rest of the patrol puts up a bit more of a fight. Even so, they are put down in short order.

Great attention to detail is put into the salvaging of parts. The Saber’s CP-03 Beam Gatling Unit is saved, and the Genosaurer is loaded onto a trailer: the spot it occupied is turned into a crater, at Daerik’s insistance, so Guylos will think it exploded.

Turns out that the three Rev Raptor pilots survived. They are spotted running into a building. One tries to fire an anti-Zoid missile at one of the party Zoids, but it is ineffective. The party collapses the building on them, when they refuse to come out. Resupply is quickly completed, and they head out. Several hours later, they stop and set up a camp with the camo nets, in order to let the Genosaurer regenerate.

By the 16th, the Genosaurer is operational again. Kora takes it for a test ride, and, after a few embarrassing moments, starts getting the hang of it, despite Daerik’s panicked insistence not to try out the weapon systems…

Session 13 EXP
Ixel: +109 combat +5 RP = 679 (Lv12)
Kora: +109 combat +5 RP = 755 (Lv12)
Oliver: +109 combat +5 RP = 766 (Lv12)
Job: +109 combat +5 RP = 775 (Lv12)
Daerik: +109 combat +5 RP = 791 (Lv13)
George: +109 combat +5 RP = 675 (Lv 12)

Sorry this took so long to get up!

6 May, ZAC 2100
Encounters in the Desert

George reunites with the party, having found the data on the Madthunder’s Particle Absorption Shield.
The party loads up their equipment and salvage and departs the wreck site. After picking their way through the mountains for three days, they emerge into the desert, only to be ambushed point-blank by a Guylos Sleeper Pack consisting of 10x Rev Raptors. The Sleepers are generally outmatched, and go down in short order, but deal heavy damage to Kora’s Command Wolf.
On May 8, they come across Ruin H7617 – a rather unremarkable small town built near a mountain. It was abandoned peaceably, and there is very little left, mostly just the remains of buildings.
Very close by is a mountain, however, and it has a large cave in the side. It is inhabited by three mercenaries, named Ulso, Hage, and Der, all of whom pilot Gojulases (which all look like they use parts from at least three different machines). Two of them mount CP-10s, while the third is decked out for melee. The mercs are pretty friendly, and work for the Republic, though they scare the pants off the party, until they invite them in for lunch. During the visit, they share intelligence on Guylos movements.
Currently, Guylos has dominance on the ground and at sea. The Republic is running short on supplies, but barely holding on. They have air superiority, thanks to the Storm Sworder, and the Blade Liger, Gunsniper, and re-introduced Dibison are helping even things up on the ground, but Guylos still has a slight edge.
Ulso helps Kora with some repairs to her Wolf, which is still limping from the fight with the Rev Raptors. They also tell them of a store of supplies in the old city to the north west that they can loot, and the team heads in that direction to resupply for the long trek across Guylos-held territory.
Ixel: +0 = 565 (lv11)
Kora: +80 combat +5 RP = 641 (lv11)
Oliver: +80 combat +5 RP = 652 (lv11)
Job: +80 combat +5 RP = 661 (lv12)
Daerik: +80 combat +5 RP = 677 (lv12)
George: +80 combat +5 RP = 561 (lv11)


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