Zoids: The Western Continent War

3 May, ZAC2100

As Daerik, Ixel, and Kora surface, they find that there is a blue Raynos sitting near Iron Tiger. George has finally returned from his rabbit hunt, and is getting acquainted with the party.

The trio debrief the group on what they found down below, and they make plans to attempt to move their Zoids into the G3 Hold. Despite an inadvertent brush-fire, this goes smoothly, and the Gojulas proves that it can wreck more than Zoids. They continue exploring, because everyone is to excited and/or stubborn to go to bed, despite it having been a long day, and being very late.

They manage to score two more finds in the G3: data on small Wild Zoids called Interfaces, one of which looks like Omega, and a system called ZOS. The ZOS is deemed to be safe to hand over to the Republic. Also, Oliver and George find that it is quite workable to make S’mores over a Bunsen burner, before George goes off on another wild rabbit chase while Oliver is distracted by a game of Solitaire.

Eventually, everyone wanders off to bed, some for longer periods than others. Once everybody is up (except George, who never came back from his rabbit hunt), they make coffee and plans to depart. In that order of priority. The hold also doubles as a racetrack, as the Zoids get their legs stretched.
Ixel: +10 RP +5 fluff +10 meeting = 565 (lv11)
Kora: +10 RP +10 meeting = 556 (lv11)
Oliver: +10 RP +10 meeting +1 = 567 (lv11)
Job: +10 RP +10 meeting = 576 (lv11)
Daerik: +10 RP +10 meeting = 592 (lv11)
George: +10 RP +10 meeting +6 = 476 (lv10)

2 May, ZAC2100

The first dive successfully penetrates the wreck, although Daerik thinks he sees a shadow flit across the water above them on the descent. Writing it off as a Barrigator, they enter the airlock. The atmosphere is terrible, so they don SCUBA tanks and journey into the wreck. Down a hallway, they find an elevator, and begin examining each floor. They find the crew quarters on some of the lower decks, and determine that they were abandoned in an orderly manner. They also find a locked door near the top, and the mess hall. With air running low, they head back to the Barrigator and the surface.

While preparing to return to the wreck, Oliver’s brother George finally makes contact, saying that he’s in a running fight with a monkey. The team prepares to fight, and before long, a Raynos and an Iron Kong Mk II appear, firing at each other. The Kong throws Oliver, and drops a Tactical missile on Job, but is torn to pieces and explodes. George then dashes off, saying something about rabbits…

Daerik, Job, and Ixel then return to the wreck. They find a computer bank with loads of data on it, and an absurdly simple password, in a hanger with strange equipment. Further below, they find the engineering room, and Ixel gets the air filter working again. They hang about in the Barrigator for a while, waiting to see how much the air improves.

Meanwhile, on the surface, Oliver and Kora test the limits of Juniper’s radar system by throwing progressively smaller rocks and watching them on the scope.

Having determined that the air quality is improving, the dive team heads back to the surface, and the team prepares for the third dive of the day. Kora and Job tag out, and the three head back down, after Ixel demonstrates that Juniper can pick up a spitball on her radar.

The third dive is especially successful. The group obtains a large amount of data on the Chimera Project, and locate what appears to be a cryogenic storage room, now empty. At the bottom, they find the hold, which, for some reason, contains a fully functional first-generation Gojulas. It is hard to tell who is happier to go for a spin: Daerik or the Gojulas. Kora gets a picture of Daerik’s face without his knowledge. They find a hatch that appears to go outside, but Daerik is too cautious to attempt opening it, so they head back. For a grand finish, the dive team cracks into the sealed room, which turns out to be the CIC and navigation center. They obtain more data, including layouts of the ship, which is about 5 miles long! They finally head back to plan with the rest of the team.
Ixel: +15 Combat +20 RP = 540 (lv10)
Kora: +15 Combat +20 RP +1 = 536 (lv10)
Oliver: +15 Combat +20 RP +5 Backstory +1 = 547 (lv10)
Job: +15 Combat +20 RP = 556 (lv11)
Daerik: +15 Combat +20 RP = 572 (lv11)
George: +15 Combat +20 RP +5 Backstory = 450 (lv10)

2 May, ZAC 2100
Cowboys and Barrigators

16 April. As the party picks its way north, the mountains get much steeper. They manage to rendezvous with the supply base on the 19th. The base doesn’t have much, but they are offered the surplus of camouflage netting. The base personnel are more than happy to offload their stuff on the team, since it means they can get out of this nowhere. After resupplying, the party continues North.
It takes twelve days to pick their way through the mountains along the isthmus connecting the Southern and Western parts of Europa. On the 24th, they encounter a bandit gang. The bandits brashly demand all of the supplies that the group possesses, but Daerik rebuffs them. The Bandits deal considerable damage to the party Zoids with a missile salvo from a Bamburian, but retreat after absorbing heavy damage. Only a Climber Wolf escapes.
On May 2, the group spots a lake nestled among them mountains. Four feral Barrigators can be seen on the shores. The Barrigators appear to watch the group, but ignore them until they come close, at which point the ‘Gators retreat into the lake. Daerik tries for several hours to wrangle at least one more, but is entirely unsuccessful. Except in making Sigma jealous when he gives the Barrigator AU a wash.
The lake water is somewhat murky, but the team sets about resupplying their water, doing laundry, and washing themselves. Kora takes the Barrigator AU for a swim, and stumbles across an enormous mass in the lake depths. She’s sure that it isn’t natural, and Daerik tells her not to send video over the comms feed, in case of eavesdroppers.
Some lights are jury-rigged to the Barrigator, and Daerik dives on the mass. Careful disturbing of the muck on it reveals a metallic surface and the letters “LOBA”. Daerik comes to the conclusion that it is the Globally 3 they have been searching for. He locates a working airlock at extreme dive depth for the Barrigator, and goes in momentarily. He returns to the surface, and the group begins camouflaging their Zoids in preparation for exploration. Daerik, Kora, and Oliver will make up the first dive team.

Ixel: 50 combat +50 story +5 rp = 505 (lv10)
Kora: 50 combat +50 story +10 rp = 501 (lv10)
Oliver: 50 combat +50 story +6 rp = 506 (lv10)
Job: 50 combat +50 story +5 rp = 521 (lv10)
Daerik: 50 combat +50 story +10 rp +2 balls = 537 (lv10)
George: +50 story = 410 (lv9)

16 April, ZAC 2100
Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

Job, Kora, and Daerik manage to chase down Zig and Omega, preventing them from chasing after the Rev Raptor that disappeared over the mountain ridge. After some animated debate, Li and Zig depart the party, searching for a Zoid that might replace Shinee. They take Ru and Mao, and Omega follows them.

Shortly after, the remainder of the team is on the move, headed toward the coast. As they pick their way through the narrow mountain trail, there is a close call with the Gustavs. as they reach the coast, they come across a Sabre Tiger, brightly colored in gold and red, that is under attack by a pack of sleepers. The Sabre is calling for someone named “George” to come and help. After some quick debate, the party joins the fray, and the sleepers are disabled in short order, despite a kamikaze run by a Saicurtis. They offer their assistance to the strangely dressed pilot, who introduces himself as Oliver. Ixel manages to salvage a Rev Raptor and a Sleeper system.

The group takes Oliver under their wing, and proceed down the coast to the shore opposite Ruin 4411, way out across the strait on an island. They make camp, and Kora hits up the beach while Daerik makes a solo sortie in the Barrigator AU. The round trip takes three days, and he arrives back on the 16th with disheartening news, and a desperate need for sleep and coffee. The island held nothing of value to the team whatsoever.

After Daerik has had some sleep, the team has a planning session. After studying some maps and the 3D Radar data from Juniper, they come to the conclusion that the G3 may actually be in the mountains to the north. With that in mind, Daerik power naps again, and they head back into the mountains.

S9 Exp
Ixel: +36 combat +4 RP +4 comms = 400 (lv9)
Kora: +36 combat +4 RP = 391 (lv9)
Oliver: +360 +36 combat +4 RP = 400 (lv9)
Job: +36 combat +4 RP = 416 (lv9)
Daerik: +36 combat +4 RP = 425 (lv9)
George: +360 = 360 (lv9)

7 April, ZAC 2100
Revelations and Partings

Doctor Siekert shows up about an hour and a half later. She’s wearing dirty coveralls, and appears to be a bit cross. It is immediately apparent that she is not pleased to see any of them at the moment.
“Daerik, what have I told you about bringing combat Zoids into an archaeological site? Kicking up all that dust. And I thought you were done piloting. Really, dragging that old Mark II out of retirement at your age. I had hoped your stint in the military had gotten some of those ideas of piloting glory out of your head. I don’t know what your grandfather was thinking, spouting all of that nonsense at you while you were a boy.”
After he tirade dies down, Daerik begins an information exchange, which grants a few answers. She concurs with the assessment that Omega is some sort of Wild Zoid, but has not heard of one so small. Her best guess about Sigma is that the Zoid core may have become mutated during the Meteor Strikes in 2056. She suggests a narrower search area for the G3 based on Daerik’s research from the museum. Her final revelation is about Ixel’s roots: a member of the Leoncross family which dominates the arms industry in the Guylos Empire. Li is pleased that she promises to take good care of the Aquadon that the team found in the ruins.
After a brief look around the hangar that Doctor Siekert’s team is currently excavating, the team heads north, in hopes of finding another aquatic Zoid. They spend several days picking their way through the mountains, when several of them notice that the mountain range is shaped funny. Some of the mountains are running east-west, rather than the north-south that should be near the isthmus.
The trip takes a nasty turn when the group encounters a bandit group led by an ex-Zenebas Major, Ralf Zuota, at an old base. As the group emerges into the base, they see a black Rev Raptor disappear over the next ridge. Major Zuota gets out of his Red Horn, and advances to talk to the group on foot. He explains that his unit has been paid to fight Ixel and Daerik, and, rather than an all-out fight, he proposes a pair of one-on-one duels. The proposal is briefly discussed, but turned down, as Zig dive-bombs the Red Horn in Shinee.
The battle is brief and harsh. The Heldigunner and Molga immediately withdraw from the fight, and the enemy Command Wolf does as well after a hard hit from Kora. Job’s Attack Unit shot slams into a quickly-deployed shield on the Red Horn, and Shinee continues to lay into it from behind, but is suddenly shredded when the Beam Gatling Unit on the Red Horn swings around and lays into the Bio Raptor. A shaken and angered Zig manages to get out as Shinee crashes to the ground. The Saber Tiger engages Daerik and Sigma, and keeps ahead of them, even when they transform into the Lightning Fox. The Red Horn makes for Juniper, and the Zoid quickly shreds the tough shell of the Gustav. Ixel surrenders, and the battle comes to a halt.
Due to a miscommunication, the party only now finds out that the bandits were not specifically hostile, just being paid to fight Daerik and Ixel. Major Zuota had no intention for there to be a fight to the death, and he apologizes profusely for the destruction of Shinee. Zig and Omega skulk off, following the trail of the Rev Raptor. Daerik soon realizes what is going on, and the Command Wolves take off in pursuit, leaving Ixel and Li to tend to Juniper.

Ixel: +39 combat + 8 rp = 356 (lv8)
Kora: +39 combat +6 rp = 351 (lv8)
Li: +39 combat +6 rp +1 forums = 387 (lv9)
Job: +39 combat +6 rp +1 forums = 376 (lv9)
Daerik: +39 combat +8 rp = 385 (lv9)
Zig: +39 combat +8 rp = 316 (lv8)

Sorry, guys, meant to have this up sooner.

2 April, ZAC 2100
Ancient caverns, bandits, and archaeologists.

26 March, ZAC 2100. The team that goes down into the elevator shaft finds the ride very long, although it is only about three minutes. The surface hatch closes behind them, leaving only dim light. As you near the bottom, the shaft begins to smell damp. The elevator comes to rest at the bottom and reveals a small hangar, big enough to fit two small Zoids (about 50’ long and 20’ high). Behind this is a pool of water lapping at the back edge. The Aquadon would have been facing towards the water.
In the hangar area, there is little left. No computer equipment appears to have ever been installed, and any tools or maintenance equipment have been thoroughly removed. The place hasn’t been touched in a very long time, and there is a lot of dust and sand everywhere. There are no footprints on the floor.
Examination of the pool reveals that it slants down, fashioning a ramp into the water. At the back edge of the pool, the water is over 10 feet deep, and disappears into an underground cavern. The opening in the back is just large enough for the Aquadon to fit through. The water is very clear, anything in it seems to have settled out in the years of its disuse.
If the Aquadon is brought down and sent in, the cavern is quite spacious, and not entirely filled with water. The surface is level with the water in the hangar area. The cavern and hangar are separated by only about 15 feet of rock. Water depth is about 200 feet and the cavern arcs about 50-60 feet over the surface. The cavern extends back about 400 feet, and has a maximum width of 230 feet. Bringing the Aquadon to the surface, or swimming to the surface, reveals the roof of the cave to be beautifully lit with glowing phosphorescent crystals of some kind. The floor is covered in similarly intriguing formations, some of them glowing.
The exploration is interrupted by blips on the radar, incoming at a somewhat leisurely pace. Speed indicates ground units, approximately 3-6 based on the scope of the blip. The bogeys are a mix of units, both Republic and Empire. Many of them appear to be older, and the units don’t look well cared for. Surprise, surprise, the Zoids turn out to be piloted by bandits. The leader, in a Shield Liger, demands that the group get out of their Zoids and walk back to town. The party laughs at the bandits, and combat ensues. The Bandit Pteras is immediately dispatched, as is the Barrigator. The remaining units put up a fight, but are overwhelmed by the party’s firepower, and stunned when Daerik and Sigma Evolt in rage after a turret hit.
After the encounter with the bandits, the party resumes exploring, and salvages components from the damaged units. They decide to leave the Aquadon behind, and take the Barrigator AU instead. The Shield Liger is also absconded with.
A few days later, on the road to 3302, Kora brings up the subject of Daerik and Sigma’s Evolt, this time with combat footage to back it up. Daerik is perplexed, but eventually goes out to talk to Sigma about it. Shortly thereafter the two go scampering off into the desert night, and figure out how to Evolt at will.

2 April, ZAC2100. The dig site at Ruin 3302 is built into a hillside. The hill is composed of sand, and you can see the remains of buildings sticking out of the excavated portion. The shape of the hill suggests that the sand was blasted into place, possibly during the meteor strikes, and the buildings look relatively new. The group is allowed into the dig site, but there are several sideways glances at Job, who gets the impression that he’s not welcome here. Professor Siekert is busy at the time, so Daerik pulls out a deck of cards to kill time with the group while they wait.

Salvage rolls:
Bear Fighter
Double Barrel Electricity Cannon
Infrared Sensor Unit

Ixel: 48 combat + = 300 (lv8)
Kora: 48 combat + = 301 (lv8)
Li: 48 combat + = 332 (lv8)
Job: 48 combat + = 322 (lv8)
Daerik: 48 combat + = 333 (lv8)
Zig: 48 combat + = 264 (lv7)

Bonus EXP from salvage rolls will be added into this.

26 March, ZAC 2100

20 March, ZAC 2100. The turtleship docks and the group disembarks. New Helic City seems peaceful. The war has yet to reach this far South, so there is little in the way of military presence in the city proper. The city is much smaller than the actual capital of the Republic, but it is still much larger than any urban center that most of you have seen in a long time (at least since you’ve been on Europa). Despite the war, the commercial center is abuzz with activity, and the only military forces present are the ones offloading from your ship. The garrison is located in the outskirts of the city.

The Archaeological institute is near the center of New Helic. The building looks to be a mix of new and old, some parts appear to have been built to repair the building after massive damage (2056). Inside, the main hall is lined with displays of artifacts recovered from various ruins. One of the displays showcases a trio of flags, dating back before the meteor strikes: top to bottom Helic, Zenebas, and Guylos.
It turns out Daerik’s mother is out in the field, looking into a ruin about halfway up the southern arm of the continent, and likely won’t be back for a month yet. The group can go to locate her, or proceed elsewhere.
Daerik obtains from the archaeology museum a map of all known ruins on the Western Continent. Daerik and Li go back the next day and do some more research, Daerik on the G3, and Li on the Dimetrodon fin and Deathsaurer tooth.

Upon leaving New Helic, the group heads West. The next day out, they get jumped by a pair of Redlers, apparently scouting. Even so, it is surprising to see Imperial Zoids this far South. After a furious air-to-ground engagement, both Redlers get shot down.

After bringing down the Redlers, the team heads for the first stop of the European Ruins Grand Tour. Appearing to be a big pit in the middle of the desert, Daerik puts his cliff-climbing hobby to good use, scouting out the area. On the first expedition, he recovers a letter dated ZAC 1983, in which the author complains about the sandy conditions of the area. On the second delve, Li goes with him and they accidentally discover a hidden underground elevator, which is loaded with a working Aquadon. They manage to bring the unit to the surface, where Ixel has accidentally helped Ru build a sandcastle…

Ixel: +3 rp = 252 (lv7)
Kora: +22 combat +1 forums +3 rp = 253 (lv7)
Li: +22 combat +1 forums +3 rp = 284 (lv8)
Job: +22 combat +1 forums +3 rp = 274 (lv8)
Daerik: +22 combat +3 rp = 285 (lv8)
Zig: +22 combat +3 rp = 216 (lv7)

11 March ZAC2100
Lions, and Velociraptors, and Pteranodons, OH MY!

A nervous few minutes after the mechanics arrive to crack open the “sealed” Gustav trailer, they leave, a smoking ex-terminal in their wake…

The next day, Daerik has the good fortune to run into an old friend, now a lieutenant, who gets the group in to see the trials of the Blade Liger, Gun Sniper, and Storm Sworder. The selected pilots perform exceptionally well, and the demonstration is quite a success, except from the perspective of the Sleeper Guysacks. Daerik seems uncomfortable when the subject of an old comrade by the name of Sam comes up, and, apparently grudgingly, admits that he’s dead, but doesn’t go into details.

After the trials, the group begins plans for renovation of the Gustav trailer into a personal command and maintenance bunker. They purchase the supplies and rent a construction Guysack to help with the installation. Zig’s main contribution is to keep Omega occupied and out of the way. Omega’s main contribution is to keep Zig occupied and out of the way. Main construction is completed by the next evening, thanks to Ixel’s and Li’s well-honed construction guidance. Daerik finds that Guysack piloting is apparently something that sticks with you for several decades, performing well, after an initial oops.

On the 10th, the bulk of the survivors from Yetzu finally show up. Bad news comes with them: Guylos forces have completely overrun the area between Yetzu and Eastern HQ. The Republic has its back against a wall.

Next day, Puller calls the group, sans Zig, into HQ. He offers them a mission of great importance: finding the G3 crash site. The group agrees, drafts Zig to provide air cover and plans to first head to New Helic City via Turtleship. Once on board, they find a load of other light units, and a pair of Gun Snipers. Daerik has to restrain Kora when she first sees them.

I’ll modify this to show grand totals once I’m at my laptop. Nobody should have leveled, though a few of you may have come close.
Ixel: 0 combat + 0 forums + 10 fluff = 249 (lv 7)
Kora: 0 combat + 0 forums + 10 fluff = 227 (lv 7)
Li: 0 combat + 5 forums + 10 fluff = 258 (lv 7)
Job: 0 combat + 8 forums + 14 fluff = 248 (lv 7)
Daerik: 0 combat + 1 forums + 10 fluff = 260 (lv 7)
Zig: 0 combat + 0 forums + 14 fluff = 191 (lv 6)

7 March, ZAC 2100
Welcome to Eastern HQ

The long march from Yetzu to Eastern HQ takes about a week. Little contact is had, but each one is a grim reminder of the harsh nature of the war.

Daerik, Job, Li, Kora, and Zig meet up outside the combat area and decide to all head to the East. Few of them had any food, so foraging persists for much of the trip. On the second day out, a radar contact shows up on Li and Daerik’s scanners, fading in and out. Zig flies over to investigate, and Shinee gets his by a strong blast of electricity, but shrugs it off. Daerik has Zig return to the group, and in a moment of exhausted negligence, orders the team to spread out. When called on it, he pops Sigma’s cockpit and tells them that that plan was intended for the enemy to overhear, and that they should hold a tight formation. Nobody notices his sigh of relief when they immediately believe this explanation…

Proceeding, the group is suddenly ambushed by masked assailants. Li and Ru immediately pick up a Black Rhimos and Gustav under optic camouflage, and deduce from muzzle flashes, that there is at least one Helcat, probably two. The Gustav attempts to flee, but Li and Ru give chase. Sigma and Shinee lunge after the Rhimos, while the heavy weapons wolves hang back and lob shells in the vicinity of the targets. As the Rhimos decloaks, light shells impact Sigma, who ignores them, chasing the Rhimos. Zig, in an act of daredevil bravery, dives Shinee into the trees, firing the Freezing Breath and clipping a tree with a wing. Just then, shots slam into Sigma, and he howls in pain, slamming to the ground with a large hole in his side. The old Wolf slumps, and both him and Daerik are silent.

The Gustav becomes visible, while Li activates Ru’s offensive system and begins attacking the Gustav’s control systems. The enemy Helcats lose their Camouflage, and the remaining Wolves pound them with heavy fire. The Rhimos and one Helcat explode, another goes down from a point-blank shot with Jobs Attack Unit, and the Gustav is shut down by Ru’s system. The only Guylos survivor is the Gustav pilot, who reluctantly gets out of his Zoid after stern prompting from Li and Ru. Kora watches the Gustav and its pilot while Li sprints over to examine Sigma. Daerik has awoken, and is in a very. bad. mood. Daerik and Li examine the damage, and find that the Core has been hit. Daerik tells Li to do what he can for Sigma, then heads over to help secure the Gustav. The pilot makes the mistake of trying to grab Daerik’s gun, but is immediately shot dead.

A lucky button push on Daerik’s part gets the Gustav up and running again, and it is moved next to Sigma. Li thinks repairs are possible, given time, and Sigma is carefully loaded onto the Gustav’s second trailer. The first consists of an enclosed box, with armor as thick as the Gustav itself. Padlocks secure the doors along with an electronic lock. A key card for the lock is found on the dead Gustav pilot, and the padlocks are removed with bolt cutters. Inside is a large pod, with opaque green glass and large numbers of cables coming out of it. Visible inside is some sort of Zoid, not much bigger than a human. Kora and Zig want to open the pod immediately, but Daerik insists on restraint. Li hacks the computers, finding what little data the Guylos team had on the pod. It had been found in a ruin on the southern coast of this part of the continent. The team has no data on the pod or what is in it. Daerik insists that the pod stays shut for now, and the others reluctantly agree.

The next few days are uneventful. Li lashes Ru to the top of the armored trailer, and spends the trip trying to fix Sigma. The Wolf shows signs of recovery far beyond what he should be capable of, and the hole in his side and the damage to the core slowly disappear.

On the fifth day out from Yetzu, the team spots smoke on the horizon. It is coming from Sand Colony, a Republican colony. Zig and Kora identify heavy damage to the town, and the remains of about ten Rev Raptors. The damage is determined to be from Republic Supercannons, a fact confirmed when Kora talks to some villagers and Guylos survivors. All tell the same story: the Guylos unit had stopped at the village to buy supplies, and the whole area was shelled by heavy Republic units, including Gojulas. Kora and Zig render some medical aid, while the rest of the team continues on, and makes camp.

Kora and Zig catch up to find Sigma up and mobile again. Daerik takes the Wolf for a spin, to see how he’s faring, then returns. The group decides to open the pod, and out pops a blue Wolf-type Zoid. It is very sleek, and nobody has much of a clue as to what it is. When it awakens, it is initially hostile, but after a bit, it takes a liking to Zig and Shinee. The name Omega is decided upon.

The next day, the group arrives at Eastern HQ. The massive fortress is protected by equally massive walls, topped with turrets that each mount a 360mm Cannon, and guarded by Gojulas Mk IIs. After entry, the team goes to check in, and spy the new Blade Liger, Storm Sworder, and Gun Sniper Zoids being offloaded from Turtleships. Li and Kora are squealing over the new Zoids like little kids. Prying them away, the team goes to check in. All is smooth, until Job reports the trailer to the Helic officer he reports to. The claim that they could not get into the trailer, results in a team of Helic mechanics being sent over to crack it open. Daerik has Zig try to throw up a shield during her interview, but the results are hard to determine, and the massive amount of water Zig drinks can’t be good for her…

EXP coming soon…

28 February, ZAC 2100
Guylos everywhere!

It’s a quiet trek back from the demolished base: the devastation was a sobering experience for the team. Arriving back on the 16th, most of the team reports to Sgt. Puller on the mission, but Li stays with the Zoids, not wanting any human interaction at the moment. Somewhat inspired by the horror he felt from stepping on the Iguan’s cockpit capsule, he begins design work on a new system for Ru.

The team receives pay for the mission, and they go about their business trying to upgrade their units a bit more. Daerik gets a Radar from one of the Molgas installed on Sigma, then takes off for a test run, spending most of it fishing. The experience is a most welcome relaxation for him, but the Wolf seems restless.
Kora finds her targeting unit ready to be installed, and enlists Li’s aid in getting it into the Command Wolf. Li agrees, once he finished his blueprints, and the two of them get the new system working, although Kora nearly electrocutes herself…
Ixel has a plethora of upgrades to work on Juniper, but not all of them he can afford, and so turns to the LC turret that was salvaged for use on Kora’s Wolf.

The relaxation is interrupted briefly by the arrival of at Yetzu of a strange new Zoid. Zig Zag arrives with her Bio Raptor Gui, causing quite a stir. Li has been snapped out of his mind break by the work on the Zoids, and the Gui seems to have completely revived him.

On the 18th, Daerik, still out fishing, is asked to investigate a contact incoming on the bases radar. He locates the source, a Black Rhimos, escorted by two Helcats. Daerik is ordered to delay them while reinforcements are dispatched. Li, Job, Kora and Zig are sent out, along with a Shield Liger and a fourth Command Wolf. By the time they get there, Daerik and Sigma are already trading shots with the enemy. The Gui’s breath weapon takes a serious toll on the Black Rhimos, and Job scores a direct hit on a Helcat that drops it right away. Sigma and Daerik seem to be acting strangely, hovering over the downed Helcat like a meal. The second Helcat gets away, apparently deciding that discretion is the better part of valor.

Over the next ten days, the only significant developments are in the tech department. Job’s shot on the Helcat convinces the base maintenance staff to let him have a new Attack Unit. Daerik finally gets the Strike Laser Claws in for Sigma. And Kora’s LC turret is rejuvenated by hooking it up to Ixel’s Gustav. The most impressive development, however, is the construction of Li’s new electronic warfare system for Ru in just 10 days. It is completed not a moment too soon.

On the last day of February, the emergency klaxxon blares, summoning all pilots to the briefing room. Dupane tells them that a large number of Guylos forces are inbound, and the base is going to be detonated to prevent its capture. The combat pilots are all deployed to the front lines, where they encounter a heavy Guylos force, including Iron Kongs, Red Horns, and, worst of all, Genosaurers. In the team’s sector, the commander, Capt. Tom Hunt in his Gordos, directs the defense, taking heavy fire. The Genosaurer is quickly dropped by a concentrated barrage, including a kamikaze missile strike by a pair of Pterases. The stars of the battle are a Godos that takes out a Rev Raptor with a direct hit to its Zoid Core, and a Cannon Tortoise that lands severe hits on several major Guylos units, including the Rottiger Heldigunner that the team ran into during the base attack.

Upon encountering the Heldigunner, Derek and Sigma go into a frenzy, and Sigma spontaneously changes into an unknown type of Zoid, ripping the turret off the Heldigunner’s back. While the Rottiger pilot is in shock from the surprising turn of events, he is plastered by the Cannon Tortoise, putting his Heldigunner out of commission.

In the meantime, Li and Ru have been circling the battlefield, working into position to test the new EW equipment. The test is an overwhelming success, shutting down an Iron Kong. Even better, Li triggers it when everyone is preoccupied with Sigma, so nobody sees the E-impulse that shorts out the Iron Kong.

At this point, the defense forces are given the “Retreat” signal, and commence a fighting withdrawal. The Guylos forces, having taken a pounding, continue firing, but do not pursue, allowing the remaining Republican forces to escape.

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EXP for Session 3
Li = 113 combat +10 system = 194 (Lv 6)
Job = 113 combat = 189 (Lv 6)
Ixel = 113 combat +5 systems = 239 (Lv 7)
Daerik = 113 combat +5 Sigma = 208 (Lv 6)
Kora = 113 combat = 174 (Lv 6)
Zig = 113 combat = 143 (Lv 5)


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