Zoids: The Western Continent War

May Pre-Game

Hey, guys!

Spoiler Alert You’re going to have a bit of downtime at the base. /Spoiler Alert

So, in regards to the above, have a look at the Systems available, and see if there’s anything that you want to try and obtain/get installed while you’re there.

Con bonus EXP
April 14, 2012

As the smoke of battle clears, the Dark Judge blasts back into the stratosphere, still cackling. Suddenly, the world jumps back to the bright white light, and as it fades, you are back where you were, wondering what that bright light was. Since nothing happened, it couldn’t have been anything major…

Nobody remembers anything that happened, but Ixel has some sort of vague concept for a combat-type Gustav…
Ixel = +50 combat = 121
Daerik = +22 combat + 5 journal = 94
Job = +5 combat = 76

And, where are we?

Making your way back to base, everything seems normal enough. Suddenly, there is a rumbling, and the ground begins to heave. Your monitors become distorted, and a white light fills your vision. As it clears, the ground stops moving and you find yourselves in an open expanse, with other Zoids standing about.

A meteorite streaks from the sky, and strikes the ground in your midst. As the dust from the impact clears, a black capsule rises from the ground, and the front of it swings up, revealing a black, humanoid robot, who has an obnoxious voice and a more obnoxious laugh.

BATTLE-FIELD, SET UP!” the robot cackles. “Zoids 2 verses 2 tournament. Battle mode: 0999.”

“The Dark Judge!?” you hear someone say over an open link.

“Oh, you have got to be kidding,” a woman’s voice grumbles.

“Not again,” someone else pipes up.

“Your team assignments and matches have been transmitted to your computers,” the Dark Judge continues. “Readyyyyy FIGHT!!”

Session 2 Exp & Salvage Results

Iguan A – 43%
Four Barreled Impact Gun (1600) (salvage, 42% dmg)
2x Small Bore AA Laser MG (800) (salvage 1, 29% dmg)
Crusher Vice (600) (salvage, 17% dmg)
Iguan B – 75%
Four Barreled Impact Gun (1600) (salvage, 5% dmg)
2x Small Bore AA Laser MG (800) (salvage 2, 54%/11% dmg)
2x Small Bore Particle Beam Cannon (500) (salvage 1, 14% dmg)
Flexible Thruster Binder (3000) (salvage*, 3% dmg)
Molga A – 33%
4x 20mm Gattling Gun (600) (salvage 4, 58%/16%/29%/46% dmg)
2-shot Sam Launcher (1400) (salvage, 5% dmg)
Laser Cutter (600) (slavage, 20% dmg)
3D Radar Antenna (4400) (salvage, 13% dmg)
Cockpit Capsule (salvage, 99% dmg)
Molga B – 98%
3D Radar Antenna (4400) (salvage, 2% dmg)
Molga C – 78%
4x 20mm Gattling Gun (600) (salvage 1, 58% dmg)
2-shot Sam Launcher (1400) (salvage, 1% dmg)
Laser Cutter (600) (salvage, 90% dmg)
3D Radar Antenna (4400) (salvage, 52% dmg)


Li +23 combat +3 plan +4 salvage +30 total
Job +23 combat +3 plan +6 salvage +32 total
Ixel +23 combat +3 plan +5 salvage +31 total
Daerik +23 combat +3 plan +5 fluff +31 total
Kora +23 combat +3 plan +26 total
12 February, ZAC 2100

After the battle at the ruins, the group carefully loads damaged components salvaged from the downed Guylos Zoids onto the Gustav’s trailer, before heading back to base. The trip is uneventful and they arrive on the 9th. Puller is quite excited to get his hands on the data disk, and the techies are just as eager to examine the Organoid System that was pulled off the Rev Raptor. The team gets a hefty paycheck, and Puller tells them to come by his office in the morning for first crack at the next set of missions that will be made available.

After collecting their pay, the team sells off their salvage for a little extra, and picks up some extra equipment, several of the team acquiring Pulse Guards for their Zoids. Daerik also makes a few phone calls. The group initially plans to let Li do the component installation, but since they are getting a new assignment in the morning, they decide to let the base personnel do it for them, to save time. Li does, however, install something on Ru himself…

In the morning, the group assembles in Puller’s office and is offered one of two missions: an attack on a small supply base and a reconnaissance probe into a desert region. After some debate, the group selects the base attack, and prepares to depart. Some surprise ensues when Job joins up with a CP-04 Attack Unit now mounted to his Command Wolf. Ixel’s Gustav can almost keep up now!

The group plans to use the Gustav and Helcat to distract the base personnel while the Command Wolves move in from the opposite direction and shell the base. The plan seems likely to unravel at several points, most notably when the decoys find out that a Heldigunner from the Rottiger Unit is at the base. However, Ixel and Li manage to fool the Imperials, and the Command Wolves get fairly close before being spotted. Job stays back and shells the base with his new Attack Unit, while Kora follows Daerik into closer-range combat. Job drops several Molgas with one salvo each, before turning to shelling the base. The Heldigunner makes hit-and-run strikes, narrowly missing the turret on Daerik’s Command Wolf. For some reason, this seems to really piss Daerik off.

The Heldigunner disappears underground again, after taking a serious hit from Job’s Attack Unit. Daerik guesses, correctly, that it is heading for Job, to make a close-range strike, and he takes off in pursuit, rendezvousing with Job just in time for the Heldigunner to leap from the ground directly behind them, with a volley of fire that destroys Job’s Attack Unit. However, as the Rottiger lands back on the ground, he finds himself shot point-blank by Daerik, now face-to-face with the Rottiger Zoid. This apparently convinces the Guylos pilot that he’s got more of a fight than he bargained for, because he disappears underground.

Zoids for Salvage rolls
Iguan A
Iguan B
Molga A
Molga B
Molga C
Roll ‘em up, like last time, and I’ll post results and EXP!

Session 1 Exp & Salvage Results

Here we go: the much-anticipated Exp and Salvage results.

Salvage Log
Column 1 is the part name, column 2 is how damaged it is, column 3 is how much you can expect to get for it if sold (you won’t know exactly in-game until you actually sell it).

Infrared Sensor Unit 46% 2430
GPS Magnetic Detector 50% 250
Targeting Unit +2 85% 600


Small Bore Anti-Aircraft Laser Machine Gun 01% 792
Small Bore Particle Beam Cannon 79% 105
Cockpit Capsule 03% 700

Rev Raptor

2x Counter Scythe 84%/73% 96/162
Booster 94% 156

Li (Lizz): 30 Combat + 6 Salvage + 5 Backstory = 41
Job (Karen): 30 Combat + 4 Salvage + 5 Backstory = 39
Ixel (Josh): 30 Combat + 5 Salvage + 5 Backstory = 40
? (Mike): 30 Combat + 6 Backstory = 36
Kora (Martin): 30 Combat + 5 Backstory = 35

Sorry, Mike, couldn’t remember your character’s name… Any questions, feel free to respond here or G-mail.
Also, there is one other item from the salvage results, but I will keep that a secret until Game Day. _

04 February, ZAC 2100

The party receives their orders and sets out for the ruins. The two day journey is only interrupted by a fight with a trio of Molgas and a pair of Iguans. The fight is surprisingly intense: the Guylos pilots know how to use their Zoids. The use of the Gustav in melee catches them off guard, however, and the party takes them down, capturing one of the Molga pilots. They manage to get some information out of him, then stuff him into the Gustav’s equipment storage compartment. Before moving on, they also salvage some light weapons from the Iguans.

Upon arriving at the base, the party splits into two groups: Li and Kora explore the hangars, while the others enter the command center. Li and Kora find an assortment of old, dead Zoids in the above ground hangars, but Li thinks that the turret on an old Command Wolf LC may be salvageable, which pleases Kora. In the meantime, the group going through the command center finds the base has been thoroughly cleaned out, apparently at the time of being abandoned. Files have been removed, and computers have been gutted of memory. However, they find one functional computer in a hidden room below the base. A bit of hacking reveals some encrypted files, which the party can’t open. However, one journal entry catches their eyes. It wasn’t encrypted for some reason, and reveals the mission of the Zenebas forces at the base. They were apparently looking for something called “G3” and were certain that they knew were it was.

The exploration is interrupted, as Li picks up an incoming blip on radar. The party sets up for ambush as a Guylos scout team, including one of the new Rev Raptors, approaches. The Guylos forces pick up on the party’s tracks and begin attacking, but are quickly surrounded. The Rev Raptor deploys an E-Shield, and slices into Kora’s Command Wolf. However, several well-placed shots shut down its Combat System, forcing it to flee. The Saicurtis soon flees as well, although it has suffered no damage. Ixel once again employs his Gustav as a melee Zoid, and attempts to chase down the Iguan, which, despite several major hits, manages to out run the slower Gustav.

In the meantime, Kora and (Mike) give chase to the Rev Raptor, hoping to capture it for extra bounty. Unfortunately, the Rev Raptor explodes, destroying much of the Zoid. They head back to help mop up, encountering the Iguan attempting to flee the base, and pursued by Li. Li hands the chase over to the Command Wolves, which this time capture the Zoid, although the pilot escapes.

Meanwhile, the Gator pilot is having an epic duel with Job and his Command Wolf. After jumping onto the Gustav’s trailer, the Gator unsuccessfully tries to damage the transport Zoid with its tail cutter. The Gustav detaches the trailer to pursue the Iguan, and the Gator begins fighting Job and Li. Li eventually breaks off to pursue the Iguan, but the Gator gets in a few hits, apparently able to see through the Helcats’ Stealth Shield. Job eventually destroys the Gator, but the Imperial Zoid manages to get in some damage.

Okay, I’d like those of you who have the skills for it to post in the comments your salvage rolls for the Imperial Zoids. Use either Construct or Expert, and specify which one, and for each Zoid (Iguan, Gator, Rev Raptor). This will determine what you can pull off of them.

03 February, ZAC 2100

Weather: Scattered overcast, low probability of rain. Temperature 68’ F.

The Yetzu Base is abuzz with activity. Rumor has it that a new set of ruins has been found to the south, maybe 150 miles distant. The various regular army and mercenary pilots are all eager to go and explore, but they know that there has been a lot of Imperial activity in the area recently, so only one team is likely to be sent, probably six Zoids at most. Some are placing bets on who Major Dupane will send.

At 1100 hours, all combat pilots are called to the briefing room. There are a lot of you, and the small room is packed tightly. Not everyone can find a seat, and the walls behind the arrayed chairs are lined with pilots talking amongst themselves. All at once, the military pilots stand and salute as Major Dupane and Sergent Puller, the base communications officer, enter. Dupane is a tall, well-built Liger specialist, born ten years after the Meteor Impact.

Dupane surveys the gathered crowd briefly before speaking. “Be seated.” Those who have them, take their seats, the rest remain standing. You can feel the air thick with excitement. Dupane nods to Puller, who switches off the lights and turns on the wall projector.

“Two days ago,” Dupane begins. “A Pteras on scouting detail overflew what we believe to be a previously unknown ruin.” A murmur of excitement ripples through the crowd. “The forest was thin enough in that area to accommodate a landing, but the pilot opted to not go in alone, and settled for bringing back these images.” The screen flicks to an overhead view of an old fort, largely overgrown by vegetation. Most of the buildings appear to be intact, if overgrown. You overhear several Shield Liger pilots grumble: the terrain appears too constricted for them to operate effectively.

The next image is a front-on view of what appears to be a command building with a tower sticking up in the center. A faded insignia on the tower reveals that the base belonged to the now-extinct Zenebas Empire, meaning that it was likely abandoned well before the Meteor Strikes.

“We believe that if there is anything useful left, it will be in here,” Dupane states. “Many Zenebas bases were known to have a bomb shelter or vault below their headquarters, since the Republic generally had air superiority for most of the war. As such, we will be asking for a team of volunteers to go and scout these ruins. I want five light Zoids and a Gustav for transport. Those who are interested will submit their identification information to Sergent Puller before leaving the room. Those selected will be notified and briefed tomorrow. That is all.” With that, he walks out of the room.


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