Zoids: The Western Continent War

3 November, ZAC 2100
Fall of Nixie

As the team rests up after their busy night, Oliver escapes from sick bay, after getting over his nasty case of Plot Flu (aka, hicups). While catching up with the team, they receive a visit from their contact with the Destroyer Corps with a mission for them.
The breach in the lines that the team cleared has let the Republic move in, and they think they’re in a good position to make the final push into the base. Team DFA is tasked with a diversionary attack against the Western Gate. The assault is to begin at dawn, on the 3rd.
DFA moves into position on the 2nd of November, with November hugging the ground to avoid radar detection. En route, they overfly a log barn in the middle of the woods, which turns out to be occupied by Lt. George Reindran and his Command Wolf, Novis, both formerly of the Helic Army. Daerik and Job immediately recognize the name as a living legend, known to have survived the war on Nyx fifty years prior. They give him a warning to keep his head down, and move on.
Sneaking into position overnight, the team’s heavy guns blast the gate off the wall, and rush the gap. They are confronted by a crack unit, piloting four of a new Zoid that they’ve never seen before. The four Elephanders are supported by three Rev Raptors and a Black Redler, and all eight pilots are highly skilled. All eight are destroyed, but they inflict heavy damage on Ares and Riptor before going down. The last Rev Raptor self-destructs, with the pilot leaving a chilling message: “All hail Neo-Zenebas!”
Kora switches out Ares for Ghost, and Bass attempts repairs on the Genos, as the team presses further into the base. Li uses his new EW suite to knock out the shields that had been troubling the Republic for weeks, resulting in the Command Center being flattened, and the restricted area penetrated.
Another new Zoid, a Lobster-type the size of a Whale King, is in there, and its point defense weapons open up as both DFA and main Republic units swarm across the base. Two unidentified Zoids dash out of a hangar and attempt to board the transport, but Ru disables the Liger-type. The Tyrannosaur-type escapes into the transport, and, as the hatch closes, a small green Zoid, like Tau and friends, disengages from it.
The transport makes a break for the sea, despite heavy and concentrated fire, and uses its shield to knock Sigma and Ru off its back, but not before Sigma puts several holes and Gravity Cannon shells into it. It escapes underwater, but just as it does, George and Zag manage to place a tracking beacon that Bass fashioned onto it.
Resistance at the base is over by early afternoon. Bass captures an Elephander, and uses it to help haul Li’s new Liger back to November.
In the weeks that follow, Team DFA assists with mopping-up operations across the continent. All Guylos forces have been cleaned out by December, and in January, President Camford offers Prozen an armistice, which he rejects out of hand.

Soon after the base battle, Republic technicians ask Li for a copy of the data on the new Zoid. When he suggests that he might exchange the data for a Blade Liger, they respond with “What color?”

When the team has a break, Job introduces the them to his family, and they sort through Howard’s papers, learning some more about the Ghidramander. Much is learned, but many questions remain.

In mid-January, ZAC2101, DFA gets approval to purchase the island from the Republic, for a sum of ¤6,000,000. Plans for renovation are quickly begun.

The End … ?

31 October, ZAC 2100
Going BUMP in the Night

Cleanup from the nest assault is swift and efficient. Dana’s team is bustled off quickly, and the heavy gun line is packed into two oversized stealth Whale Kings. As the last of the Leoncross forces depart, Team DFA is left pondering their next move.
The crowded hold of November is of concern, rekindling the discussion of obtaining a team base. The Team heads south, to look into one of the islands off the coast. One other is considered briefly, until Job reminds them that it is occupied by people aligned with the Republic. The island looked at has an old Zenebas outpost on it, abandoned and in a terrible state of disrepair. One of the three standing hangars collapses when Job opens the door, another crumbles when Omega leaps on it, and Zig headbutts the control tower onto the third. Omega amuses himself for a while, chewing on the rusty metal. Elsewhere on the island are three low hills, and some vegetation. Two of the hills are active volcanoes, occasionally spitting lava plumes. Most of the island is arid.
By the 16th, the Team is ready to head back to Eastern, ready to rejoin the effort against Guylos, and try to purchase the island. Arriving there on the 21st, they first report to HQ, to see what is wanted of them. After some discussion, they arrange to coordinate with the Destroyer Corps to strike Guylos strong points along the front. They also run supplies to the front in exchange for temporary storage of the three Heldigunners, Mao, March, April, two of Mei’s trailers, and Daeriks Hammerhead. Before leaving, they fill out paperwork with the Government to begin the process of acquiring the island.
Arriving at the front on the 29th of October, they discharge the supplies and rendezvous with the Destroyer Corps on the 30th. That night, they begin air dropping on top of bunkers that had proved resistant to the Supercannons of the DC. Team DFA also runs the secondary role of Operation Ahab: attempting to intercept the Guylos Whale Kings making touch-and-go supply runs at Nixie Base. After stunning success the first night, Guylos starts to catch on the second, opening fire on the team as they drop down. Nevertheless, after two nights, DFA has captured or destroyed three bunker complexes, one Whale King, 24 Red Horns, 23 Rev Raptors, and 31 Helcats.
The Republic now has a path open to Nixie.
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +20 RP = 2,755 (Lv24)
Oliver: 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +20 RP = 2,771 (Lv25)
Daerik: +20 RP = 2,778 (Lv25)
George: +20 RP = 2,625 (Lv24)
Bass: +20 RP = 2,590 (Lv24)

7 October, ZAC2100

After making their way to the rendezvous, Team DFA meets up with Dana’s team. Introductions are abbreviated, but the gist of it is that pretty much her whole squad is a bunch of certifiable loonies, to put it mildly.

Dawn on the 7th finds the rising sun glinting off the fire support that Leoncross has assembled: a pair of Deathsaurers, a pair of Ultrasauruses, and a King Gojulas. Well over half the Zoids deployed are supposed to be extinct, a sobering (at least to some) reminder of the hidden influence of the Leoncross family.

The dawn’s still is shattered by the shattering roar of the King Gojulas, as it rips away the ground above the Death Stinger’s nest with sound alone. Even though no one is in front of it, everybody still feels the sound trying to rip them apart. The Death Stingers are surprised by the sudden intrusion, and the battle is on.

Charged Particle Beams and heavy artillery shells howl through the air, tearing into the clones and the ZS. Many of the still-growing clones are mowed down in the first few moments, but some resolutely hang on. Folowing the first barrage of shells, Daerik and Sigma charge in with Dana and Elia, clawing and slashing at the clones in melee. The ZS decapitates a Deathsaurer with a Charged Particle Cannon blast, then knocks out Kora with a hit from its shock cannon, though Alpha resolutely fights on until she wakes up. Daerik charges in, cutting the ZS with the Buster Wolf’s claws, but is badly mauled in return, nearly ending his and Sigma’s career. Luckily, George and Zig swoop in on Mothra, and pull them out before the ZS can finish the job. Sigma is dropped back aboard November, where Li attempts to aid them in waking up.

Back out on the battlefield, Bass and Riptor continue their duel with one of the baby DSs, while Job takes down the largest of the clones. One of the babies CPGs the King Gojulas, but to no effect. finally it comes down to the ZS, and everybody swarms in, the artillery Zoids dropping blasts as they find openings. It takes a long time to wear it down. Daerik and Sigma rejoin the fight, airdropping from November after reawakening. Kora supercharges her Charged Particle Focus Gun to 600% capacity, but even that doesn’t destroy the ZS. Ares shuts down from the strain, and Kora asks Li to drop in Ghost.

With everyone pounding it, and its family gone, the Death Stinger ZS tries to burrow underground several times, but each time it catches another volley of fire. its armor shredded, and its major weapons destroyed, the ZS slowly succumbs to the concentrated attacks, but ferociously defends itself until the last. As it falls, Sigma’s Gravity Cannon crushes the remains into a pebble.

The scorpion’s menace is over.
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +840 combat +10 RP = 2,735 (Lv24)
Oliver: 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +840 combat +10 RP = 2,751 (Lv24)
Daerik: +840 combat +10 RP = 2,758 (Lv24)
George: +840 combat +15 RP = 2,605 (Lv24)
Bass: +840 combat +10 RP = 2,570 (Lv24)

5 October, ZAC 2100

As the dust settles from the massive ordinance dump on the latest Death Stinger clone, Kora manages to escape from her room, which Zig and George had cordoned off while she was sick. Upon reviewing the combat footage, she is rather pleased with the team’s result, but miffed that she missed out on it.
Meanwhile, Zig’s sweet tooth is acting up, and she raids the supply base for candy. Fortunately for them, they have some and are more than willing to share, after being saved from the clone. Job finds some letters from his family that have been trying to locate him for some time, and though he doesn’t share details, he implies that they may have information about the Ghidramander back on the farm. The new Genosaurer pilot identifies himself as Bass, and is rather impressed with the team’s arsenal. He claims to be an ex-Guylos mechanic who stole a Genosaurer with the help of a wrench. After hearing his story the team is more than a little suspicious, but his story checks out with a base he claimed to pass through, and they give him a ride to Eastern HQ so he can register as a Helic mercenary. After some debate, they hire him as an extra gun to fill Ixel’s empty slot, though Leoncross refuses to hire him themselves.
On the flight over to Eastern, some of the team resume earlier musings of taking over an abandoned base somewhere and forming a proper mercenary company. One of the uninhabited islands to the southeast of Europa is considered a primary contender, and Daerik points out that they could probably even hire guards for the base, after renovation costs, given their current rate of income. The subject of a team name comes up again, too, and Team Death From Above is thought appropriate, given the current tactics. Kora begins work on a flag.
At Eastern, the crew takes a breather, and Li makes sure that all of the Zoids get out and go for a run, followed by a bath. Alpha goes tearing off in Ares, and Kora goes chasing after, beginning on foot, but eventually receiving a jeep from Daerik (who is dodgy about where it came from). Eventually, she runs out of gas, but is picked up by Alpha and Ares, and return to November. Zig adopts the jeep. She also receives two commissions for her line of Zoids shoes, one for a Godos, and one for a Shield Liger.
On 5 October, the team receives a communique from the Seismic Detector Team, notifying them that they have located the main nest of the Death Stinger. They are ordered to prepare for a joint strike with Dana’s team, and a special heavy strike unit. The strike date is set for Sunday, 7 October, in order for the teams to all arrive in time.
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +10 RP = 1,885 (Lv19)
Oliver: 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +10 RP = 1,901 (Lv20)
Daerik: +10 RP = 1,908 (Lv20)
George: +10 RP = 1,750 (Lv19)
Bass: +10 RP = 1,720 (Lv19)

Death Stinger Mega Battle next time!

3 October, ZAC2100
Zig, the Gold Digger

The Net of seismic detectors is soon a huge success. Three DS clones are detected within the first two days (all in Dana’s territory, of course…) and two dispatched (the third disappeared while the others were being taken out).
On 2nd October, the three Heldigunners and the Hammerhead Excavation Type are dropped off. The ¤454,840 total cost gives Daerik pause for a brief moment, as he considers just how much money he has amassed in such a short period of time. He takes the Hammerhead out for a test dive, examining the ruins that have baffled the team for over a month. He discovers a huge symbol carved into a tower, but he has no idea where it comes from.
Zig and Job, meanwhile, take two of the Heldigunners down one of the tunnels, Zig crying something about “treasure hunting,” and “pirates.” She finds a large crystal in the wall, and a severed Command Wolf head, both of which she drags back in the mouth of the Heldigunner. Also discovered are a plethora of Death Stinger tracks, of varying sizes. Job insists on heading back after two hours down the tunnel. Zig agrees, but makes faces at Job from inside her Heldigunner… until switching over to sea shanties. As they return, Daerik catches the strains of “twenty-seven bottles of rum on the wall.”
On the 3rd of October (Wednesday), the team gets a notification from one of their detectors, and is vectored to intercept. The Clone is attacking a Republic supply base North of the lake. A stolen Genosaurer is there, rearming, but is about to run away until the team air-drops in. During the battle, the Ghidramander takes a hit from the CPC, and flips its shit. George, Zig/Zag, and Omega see the words KEISER SYSTEM appear on the cockpit screens, and the Ghidramander’s power output spikes dramatically. The Death Stinger is utterly obliterated, as it is finished off: two missiles from the Genosaurer impact nearby, followed by Sigma’s Gravity Cannon, Job’s Nova Cannons, and two Hi-TASMs from the Ghidramander.
During cleanup, Job finds two letters in one envelope addressed to him.
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: 1,875 (Lv19)
Oliver: 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +40 combat +5 RP = 1,891 (Lv19)
Daerik: +40 combat +5 RP = 1,898 (Lv19)
George: +40 combat +5 RP = 1,740 (Lv19)
(David): +40 combat +5 RP = 1,710 (Lv19)

1 October, ZAC 2100
A New Breed Of Rabit

On Monday, September 17th, a Leoncross Whale King shows up, and takes Ixel off with the Dash J and Bio Tyrrano after dropping off some supplies. Apparently they need him elsewhere, though, typically, exactly for what is not made clear.
A preliminary report on the Death Stinger Clones comes in soon after. No two are identical, and they seem to be getting smarter. While the clones do not appear capable of cloning themselves, it seems that the DSZS uses the harvested Zoid Cores as energy sources for cloning, rather than Core conversion.
On Wednesday the 19th, the team runs into another clone, ripping apart a Republic Gustav and escorts. The clone lobs a Charged Particle shot at the team as they drop in, before retreating underground and disappearing. No survivors, but plenty of spare parts.
A frustrated George convinces Li to bring November down dangerously low to scan for any sign of the scorpion, but they find nothing.
Skimming low past a familiar crater, the base the original team attacked back in early February, November’s radar actually picks something up underground: a Death Stinger-sized tunnel through hard rock. The team immediately begins tracking it, and Daerik “politely” contacts Leoncross and asks for seismic detectors to be placed along the tunnel. The team maps almost the entire tunnel network, revealing an alarming image: it spreads across almost the entire northern part of the continent. Awaiting further information, the team bases near the massive lake in their sector, which is the exit point of several tunnels. The last untraced tunnel lies deep into Dana’s territory, so they wait for Leoncross to finish the job…
Kora: +20 RP = 1,895 (Lv19)
Oliver: 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +20 RP = 1,866 (Lv19)
Daerik: +20 RP = 1,873 (Lv19)
George: +20 +2 post = 1,717 (Lv19)

Zig, George, and an Anvil
They may not be Prada, but they look AMAZING

Zig is working diligently on learning to be a blacksmith, which mainly involves telling George what to do, since Zig isn’t large with the upper-body strength.

Omega offers moral support in the form of modeling Zig and George’s creations, but is very confused by the idea of having something else added to his feet. He walks around like a cat with something sticky on it’s feet (which is to say, picking up each foot and shaking it before taking a step).

The “shoes” sort of look like headbands for the feet, with pictures etched on them such as smiley faces and stick figures of zoids shooting at other zoids. Zig insists that eventually all zoids will want them, but George and Omega are not convinced. Zig leaves her room at night to sneak around and take foot measurements of all the zoids.

Sigma doesn’t seem enthusiastic.

Li seems glad that Zig is staying out of major trouble—for now.

16 September, ZAC2100
New Zoids, New Threats, New Discoveries

The two Death Stingers waste no time in attacking once they surface. The melee version attacks Derek & Sigma in melee, and gives them a hard time until Oliver joins in. The ranged version takes its opening shot at the Leoncross Whale King, then takes pot shots at the gun line, ducking underground to recharge. It hits the Mega Gojulas and November a couple times, but takes a huge amount of punishment from Job, Kora, George, and Zig. The melee Stinger is brought down alive, but the gunner is annihilated. Towards the end of the battle, George and Zig see a white Death Stinger off over a ridge, but nobody else does, and even November’s radar had no record of it. One of Mothra’s heads saw it, but the other two didn’t. The two captured Stingers are retrieved by Leoncross, and hauled off for study.
Pay is received mid week, ¤601,000 for the three Stingers, plus the week’s stipend. The rest of the week passes uneventfully, until Saturday, when Kora receives her new Gun Sniper, which she names Ghost. She takes it for a test run, giving Daerik and Sigma a chance to practice tracking a cloaked opponent, and brutally murdering some poor innocent cacti along the way.
The next day, the Brachios is dropped off, and the team heads for the lake. They examine the ruin as much as possible, but they determine that they need a more dedicated archaeological platform to do any serious excavation. They also find a cave, which is cool, but not particularly enlightening.
Using November’s ground-penetrating radar, the team begins a grid search for new ruins and anything else of possible interest from the North West corner of their patrol area to the South East, while waiting for the Stingers to make a move.
Session 25 EXP
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,875 (Lv19)
Oliver: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,846 (Lv19)
Daerik: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,853 (Lv19)
George: +60 combat +10 RP = 1,695 (Lv18)

6 September, ZAC 2100
Twin Stingers

On 2nd September, a Leoncross Whale King arrives and collects the two DS remains and drops off some supplies, mainly missile restocks. Kora is seen signing some mysterious paperwork with a Leoncross guy, and when questioned, she admits she “maybe” ordered a Gun Sniper. Li discovers that November has apparently finished growing, making it safe to leave things lying around unattended.
Ares is back up and active on Tuesday, the 4th. On the 5th, a pair of Black Reddlers is seen orbiting several miles off, likely observing. Team Mothra plays with and then massacres them, and captures the pilot of one by grabbing his parachute. He retains enough sanity to only give name, rank , and serial number, but gets a beer anyway. Zig uses the parachute to finish making Omega a human-sized chew toy.
On September 6, the team gets attacked at the Gojulas dome by a Death Stinger clone. It doesn’t pose too much trouble, though the Dash Juliets shots don’t affect it. Mid battle, the energy surrounding the Gojulas bursts, revealing what used to be the Gojulas. It (and presumably Tau) joins the engagement, and the clone goes down pretty quick. It is captured alive, though every weapon and limb is ripped off.
Mothra loses a foot in the fight, and afterwards Zig can be heard arguing with someone to “stay out of her life.”
Late in the day, a prisoner transport Hover Cargo picks up the Black Reddler pilot. He is quite pleased to be gone from the crazy people, despite the beer.
On the 8th, Mothra is back in action. A Leoncross Whale King arrives to collect the incapacitated Stinger at 0800, but two clones attack at the same time, apparently attempting to defend their brother.
Ixel: + combat = 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +25 combat +10 RP = 1,805 (Lv19)
Oliver: +25 combat +10 RP +1 = 1,754 (Lv19)
Job: +25 combat +10 RP = 1,776 (Lv19)
Daerik: +25 combat +10 RP = 1,783 (Lv19)
George: +25 combat +10 RP +1 = 1,625 (Lv18)

31 August, ZAC2100
Double Trouble

Zig finally wanders out of November’s corridors, and reunites with the old gang. Or is it Zig? Something seems different about her. Either way, the Ghidramander taps her as a pilot, and Omega takes the third cockpit.
Daerik reccomends doing some deployment training, using the new drop equipment, and the team practices the new formation, getting the hang of it pretty easily, the pilots moreso than the Zoids. Kora and Job prove the catapult works, even if their Zoids don’t like it.
The team decides that to use the Iguan that they boobytrapped as a target for the second jump drill, and they find it and land in a near-perfect formation around it. The traps in the Iguan have been sprung, and Li will hear no objections to adopting the poor thing.
Deployment training continues with the enlistment of a nearby Republic unit, who soil their trousers, but get beer as a reward. Daerik decides that if they are going to be handing out beer at this rate, he’s going to need a new source, so her begins brewing his own stock. For some strange reason, he only tells Li about it…
On the 30th, the team begins exploring another ruin, marked as Z4185 on Daerik’s map. In one of the hangars they find a wrench with “Escher” etched into it. Both hangars are empty, an the wood tower and chain-link fence are standing only because they haven’t rotted enough to fall down yet. Other than some RABITs that George and Zig shoot up with their SMGs, nothing else seems to be here.
Until Ixel, in his Bio Tyranno, finds something burried underground. It’s a structure made of Zoid Magnite, the armor material of combat Zoids. the hatch is code-locked, but Li convinces it that it opens on ‘12345’, and the team goes in. They find a room with twenty of the strange pods that they have been finding a surprising number of lately. Only one of them is still active, the others all seem dead. The active one hatches a light blue Tyrannosaur-type with tail spikes, that seems to have a bad attitude. It takes some nterest in Ares, but spends most of its time trying to assert its dominance over Tau and Beta, who are having none of its bullshit. Omega wants, of course, to be friends, and the new guy is having none of his bullshit. Sigma finds the whole exchange amusing.
Li and Job spend time trying to figure out how to possibly revive the other pods, but they determine that they will need a special rig to extract them from the pit. Everything is interrupted by an urgent call: there has been unusual seismic activity reported around Sand Colony, and they are asked to investigate.
On August 31, the team is overflying Sand Colony when a blue DS bursts out of the desert and begins attacking the Helic patrol there.
Killing the DS isn’t hard, but the Zoid shows uncanny intelligence during the battle, targeting the gun line with ranged fire and scoring a direct hit to Kora’s cockpit. She is saved by the new small Zoid, pulling her out just in time. Worse, the battle draws a second clone, which attacks shortly after, scoring a hard hit on the Gojulas. This one is very hard to hit, and Kora jumps into the DCS-J to help out. The DS finally goes down, but it’s a tough fight.
During cleanup from the second battle, Tau is acting funny. After a bit, he removes Job from the cockpit, and fuses with the Gojulas. A glowing red energy dome surrounds it, for an unknown purpose. Beta and the new one seem nonplussed.
Li: Well, I’m pretty sure that’s going to make it pretty hard to get it into November.
Cleanup is completed, and then s’mores happen, while Zig and George go RABIT hunting.
Ixel: +0 combat = 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,770 (Lv19)
Oliver: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,718 (Lv19)
Job: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,741 (Lv19)
Daerik: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,748 (Lv19)
George: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,589 (Lv18)


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