Background fluff

This page is here to clear up some world-building questions that have been raised by people.

Facial Markings: Highly prevalent in Chaotic Century, sporadic in other Zoids media, facial markings are tattoos used by some groups to distinguish themselves, usually family groups and frequently gangs. Your character is not required to have one, but if they do, think about its meaning and where it came from.

Coloration of Zoids: The armor of Zoids is naturally colored in a variety of hues, but it is easily possible of being painted to suit the pilot’s personal tastes.

Wild Zoids: Wild Zoids are the naturally occurring lifeforms that are used to produce Combat-type Zoids. The Zoid Core is removed from the Wild Zoid and placed within, and linked to, a mechanical shell and control system. Thus is the unit able to be controlled.
Wild Zoids originally evolved in the metal-heavy seas of Zi, and later evolved into a wider variety of animalistic forms. Early Zoidians were able to domesticate some of these forms for use as beasts of burden.

A second type of Wild Zoid is known to exist. These Zoids are essentially “feral,” having reverted to natural instincts when their pilot was killed. Feral Wild Zoids will frequently band together in groups of similar units, with the strongest becoming the leader.

Background fluff

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