Character Creation

Okay, here we go! This is the rough character creation stuff I’d like everyone to start with before the first meet.

Stats: You have four stats: Power, Reflexes, Endurance and Intelligence. To determine your stats, roll 4d10, and total the result. This is your point pool, which you will use to buy your stats. You may have a maximum of 10 in each stat (minimum of 1). If your pool total is below 14 re-roll all dice and take the new result.
Example: Roll 4d10 and net a 25. Place a 5 in Power, 8 in Reflexes, and 6 in Intelligence and Endurance.

Hit Points: Roll 1d4 and add your Endurance Stat.

Skills: At first level, you have a number of skill points equal to your Intelligence Stat x 3. You can place a number of points into each skill equal to your level (currently 1) plus 2 (netting you a max of 3 ranks at level 1).

Athletics (Power, Reflexes or Endurance) – How good you are at physical activities, like running, jumping and swimming.
Bluff (Intelligence) – Your ability to fool people. This covers both verbal and visual deception.
Combat (Power or Reflexes) – Your skill in combat outside of a Zoid. This skill is always bought with a focus, such as Hand to Hand, Handgun, or Blades. For every 5 points you have in this skill, you gain a +1 bonus on corresponding attack rolls.
Construct (any) – How good are you at building or repairing things? This skill is always bought with a focus, such as Zoids, Tools, or Architecture.
Expert (Intelligence) – More specialized than Trivia, Expert is always bought with a focus, such as Zoid Tech, Weaponry, or Geography.
Instinct (Intelligence) – Your sixth sense and the ability to figure out what’s really going on.
Intimidate (Intelligence) – How well you can convince others that they really do not want to mess with you.
Negotiation (Intelligence) – Your ability to convince people to see things your way, whether it be politics or getting the nice man at the fruit stall to give you a discount.
Senses (Intelligence) – How aware of your surroundings you are.
Sneaking (Reflexes or Intelligence) – How well you can stay hidden from others. This also applies to your ability to get into places, such as lock picking.
Survival (Endurance or Intelligence) – Your ability to live off the land and survive away from civilization.
Trivia (Intelligence) – How well you know obscure information and legends.
Zoid Pilot – Your skill at the controls of a Zoid. Additionally, for every 5 points you have in Zoid Pilot, you may add +1 to your Armor Deflection, initiative rolls, and attack rolls while in a Zoid.

Character Creation

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