Chimera Project

Chimera Project
Started in the late ZAC 2030s, the Chimera Project was a Helic effort to produce more powerful Zoids, using pre-existing types. The premise was that if two or more Zoids could be permanently fused together, the resulting unit would have at least 1.5 times the power of a normal unit. While the desired power boost was achieved, and surpassed, the strain on the pilot increased exponentially. Also, it was impossible to combine different Types, such as Lion and Scorpion, but similar types, such as Iguan and Godos had limited, and short-term, success, but usually died within a day. The longest recorded lived for a week.
Combining the same species proved successful, but all units proved extremely difficult to control. The most successful trial was the twin Command Wolf, known as the Cerberus. The project was cancelled in the early ZAC 2040s due to the lackluster results, and the Republic turned its efforts to developing more powerful conventional units, like the Shield Liger, and the Mk II series.
Cerberus – 2x Command Wolf – 10 completed units confirmed (1 head)
Ghidramander – 3x Salamander – 1 completed unit confirmed (
2 heads, 1 tail)
Godos Duo – 2x Godos – 5 completed units confirmed (
1 head)
Manda Viper – 3x Snakes – 2 completed units confirmed (+2 heads, extended tail)

Dr. Howard Thorsen
I have been looking forward to this day! We have set up out lab in the remains of the old Globally 3. The Chimera Project will begin tomorrow morning. I have high hopes that this will be the key to driving off Zenebas once and for all. The technology provided by the Earth scientists who have allied with us shall prove most useful. Several of them have genetic splicing experience, which, when combined with our knowledge of Zoids, should prove most useful in this endeavor.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
Four years. It has been four years since we started this project, and we have not a thing to show for it. Well, unless you count the piles of dead attempts. No matter the combination, it seems impossible to fuse two Zoid cores together. Worse, we hear that Zenebas has been thrown off Delpoi by the latest Zoid: Ultrasaurus. I fear that out project may come to naught, after only so much frustration has resuled in nothing more than a dying hope.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
Hope has returned to the project. An Iguan/Godos fusion is surviving, although it is in incredibly unstable condition. Is this the key? We seem to have been looking at the wrong tree. While it seems impossible to combine different Zoid types, perhaps we can combine similar, or the same Zoids to make the Chimeras we have sought!
We hear that Zenebas has returned to Delpoi with new Zoids. We must hurry!

Dr. Howard Thorsen
The Iguan/Godos has died, but we are refining our systems. Our next attempt is going to be two Command Wolves. We’ve already begun to remove their armor, hopefully fusion will occur in the next couple of days.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
So far, the two-headed Command Wolf is stable! One of the Earth scientists has named it Cerberus, after one of their mythological creatures. We are going to try making more, to see if the result can be replicated. With any luck, we may soon see an army of Chimeras wiping Zenebas off the map!

Dr. Howard Thorsen
The Cerberus is working well. Tests show a substantial increase in performance, although not to the levels we had originally hoped. We have begun experiments on a new type, a two-headed Godos, and will soon begin on a combination of three Snakes.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
The Manda Viper Functions well, but, again, does not display the increased performance that we had hoped for. Some of the later model Cerberus units are showing promise, but there seems to be no way to guarantee a certain level of power. The Godos Duo is a dismal failure: most of them suffer from decreased performance, if there is any change at all. I’m afraid our progress is not enough. Rumors are spreading back from the mainland that the project is going to be scrubbed.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
Word has come that the Chimera project will be ending at the end of next month. The brass has decided to focus on the Mk II series. If we could just pull off something spectacular, then we could save the project. I wonder what will happen to all our Zoids.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
That’s it. The Chimera project has ended. The few successful units have been handed over to R&D for systems analysis and further testing. This is the last entry, we leave G3 this afternoon.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
I never expected to come back here again. The brass is in a panic. The Guylos army wiped out the Madthunders with a single Zoid. It’s called Gil Vader, and it can use super destructive gravity weapons. Our forces were massacred. The Salamander F2s were no match for it. Everyone has been ordered to come up with a new design as quickly as possible. I still have all of our data. Could the old Chimera Project finally have its chance? I’ve commandeered three Salamanders: they’re all I could get. A handful of the old team has joined me.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
Well, we’re ready. The three Salamanders are in position. It took longer than expected to get everything up to par again, probably because of the smaller team, and the need to upgrade equipment to compensate for the Salamanders higher power. Previously, the biggest we’d ever used was a Command Wolf. Tomorrow, we’ll know.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
What have we created!? The resultant three-headed Salamander is beyond comprehension. The three Zoids effortlessly fused together. All was quiet for a few minutes, but then the Zoid went berserk, and wrecked half the hangar. Fortunately, it didn’t damage the G3’s reactor, or the whole thing could have been vaporized. We’ve named the new Zoid the Ghidramander. It calmed down finally, but most of us are too nervous to approach it.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
Fitting that this is the 17th anniversary of the start of the project. Today was the first full scale test of the Ghidramander. Until now, it had rejected all pilots that attempted to operate it. Amazing: none of us had ever seen or heard of anything like that. Tests have proven an overwhelming success. It can more than match the Gil Vader in speed: Mach 3.8 without the boosters, and 4.56 with them engaged! It’s shields are powerful enough to stand up to the Gravity Cannons in simulation. The only question is that of the armament.

Dr. Howard Thorsen
I can’t believe it. The Ghidramander has been rejected. They’re citing it as being too difficult to control as the main reason, so they’re pushing ahead with other projects.
Really? The Chimeras have such great potential, but they’re going to ignore it? Why?

Dr. Howard Thorsen
The Ghidramander has been ordered scrapped. They think it’s too dangerous. I won’t let them. My Ghidramander will live on. I’ll seal it away, so that I might return to it and truly complete it later. You will rise again. I have so many plans for you.
The old ruins in G667, U7833 should be a good spot. I’ll leave it there for a couple of years, so the hot-shots will have forgotten about it.

Chimera Project

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