Guylos Empire

The Guylos Empire was originally a collection of tribes on the Dark Continent of Nyx, eventually united under the iron rule of Emperor Guylos. There is some thought that Guylos staged Zoid attacks on the Central Continent during the early ZAC 1900s at the request of Helic I, for a pretext to unify the tribes there under his rule.

Guylos kept to itself until the mid-ZAC 2000s, when the Zenebas Empire was forced off of the Central Continent by the Helic Rebublic. Emperor Zenebas made a deal with Emperor Guylos, to allow Zenebas to rearm on Nyx. Guylos helped to develop new Zoids for the Zenebas Army, including the Deathsaurer. Guylos did not participate in the Zenebas D-Day invasion of the Central Continent, or the ensuing war.

When Zenebas was defeated yet again in ZAC 2044, he requested assistance from the Guylos military again. Instead, Guylos forces ambushed the remnants of the Zenebas army, and finished them off. Emperor Zenebas’ Deathsaurer was destroyed by a Guylos Deadboarder, killing him. The surviving soldiers and Zoids were assimilated into the Guylos army, and Zenebas’ daughter, Elena, was taken hostage to ensure their obedience.

Guylos now went to war with the Republic, unleashing its Dark Army Zoids. Running off Zoid cores fused with the ore Deohalcum, these Zoids had detrimental effects on the environment. Republic expeditions to Nyx were quickly countered and devastated by powerhouse Zoids like the Deadboarder and Dark Horn. The arrival of the Gil Vader brought the Helic to near defeat, and it rushed its own high performance Zoids, such as the Orudios and King Baron, into production. The King Gojulas was the most powerful Zoid produced in this era, but it never got to go up against the Gil Vader. In ZAC 2056, a comet struck Zi’s third moon, raining fragments of it down on the planet, destroying most life and nearly all of the high-spec Zoids. The Central continent was fractured into three parts and most of Nyx sank into the sea.

In the aftermath of the Meteor strikes in ZAC 2056, the Guylos Military was effectively obliterated, since the destruction of the Dark Continent destroyed the source of Deohalcum, the power source for the infamous Dark Zoids, and most of the remaining high-performance Zoid types that had been produced were lost as well. As a result, Guylos reverse engineered several of their designs to use conventional Zoid Cores, and reinvented several older designs from the Zenebas Empire.

Emperor Guylos died in ZAC 2096, but his heir, Prince Rudolph was not old enough to take the throne. As a result, Gunter Prozen was appointed regent. In ZAC 2099, Prozen declared war on the Helic Republic, and sent Guylos forces into the Western Continent, starting the Western Continent War.

Guylos Empire

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