Helic Republic

The Helic Republic was founded on the Central Continent in the early ZAC 1900s by King Helic I. Originally the Central Continent was largely populated by tribes of nomadic people, but Helic was able to unite them against unknown raiders in combat Zoids.

When Helic died, his son, Helic II, inherited rule of the Republic. Helics’ other son, Zenebas Muroa, had felt that he should inherit, rather than his brother, and formed a splinter nation on the Western end of the Central Continent: the Zenebas Empire. Warfare ensued between the two nations, in an effort to reunite the Central Continent under a single ruler. The war ended in ZAC 2039, with Zenebas being forced to flee to Nyx with the remainder of his army.

Zenebas returned in ZAC 2041, with new Zoids vastly superior to the units the Helic army had left over from the last war. Zenebas landed in an area the Republic thought impossible, near the Triangle Daras, quickly seizing the area and pouring in additional troops in a well-coordinated assault. The Helic forces were steamrolled back and their capital taken in ZAC 2044.

The Republic was not finished, however, and the survivors conducted a guerrilla campaign in the mountains surrounding the capital. The Republic struck back in ZAC 2048, with new Zoids including the Madthunder, a Zoid specifically designed to defeat the Deathsaurer which had been the bane of the Republic since its introduction in the D-Day operation. Once again, the Zenebas forces were thrown off the Central Continent.

In ZAC 2051, the Republic became aware of strange effects to the terrain. Rivers dried up, plants wilted and the ground dried out and cracked. A team of Zoids was sent to the Dark Continent of Nyx, believed to be the source of the problems. There, they discovered the Dark Army Zoids, powered by the mineral Deohalcum which was the cause of the problem. The Republic invaded the Dark Continent in ZAC 2053, to put a stop to Guylos incursions into the Central Continent. The war escalated, with Guylos having the upper hand for much of the beginning. The Arrival of the Gil Vader spelled the doom of the Salamander and Madthunder forces, which were isolated and destroyed. The Republic quickly developed the Orudios to counter the Gil Vader, in which it was successful. Both sides began producing large numbers of high-spec Zoid designs, culminating in the King Gojulas. But before there could be a final showdown, a comet struck Zi’s third moon, showering debris down onto the planet. Most of Nyx sank into the sea, and the Central Continent was fractured into three parts. Virtually all of the high-tech Zoids were wiped out, with many of the designs lost.

After the Meteor strikes in ZAC 2056, the Republic rebuilt amongst the turmoil and uneasy truce with the Guylos Empire. When, in ZAC 2099, the Guylos Regent Gunter Prozen declared war on the Republic, the military was quickly mobilized. Having lost the ability to recreate many of the high-performance Zoids that had existed before the Meteor strike, the Republic reverse-engineered or rebuilt many older designs, such as the Shield Liger and Command Wolf. The handful of high-end units that survived the Meteor Strikes were strictly preserved for use.

Upon the Guylos invasion of the Western Continent, the Republic quickly deployed reinforcements to the area, but their counteroffensive took some time to blunt and halt the Guylos advance. From then on, the war has been a stalemate, consuming vast amounts of resources from both sides, while yielding little results.

Helic Republic

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