Quirks are an optional rule that can be used to give characters more flavor. Quirks come in three sets, Helpful, Neutral and Detracting. Each quirk has a point cost. Players can select multiple quirks, but normally the total cost cannot be greater than 2. Referees can adjust this at their discretion, although the total can never be raised above 6. Also, all characters should have the same maximum starting quirk total. Unless a quirk states otherwise, it can only be taken once. Quirks may be changed at every 5th level, subject to GM approval. In addition, if a Quirk is role-played by the character, then the GM may recommend or allow it to be added to the characters’ list of Quirks. Quirks obtained in this manner do not count against the Characters’ maximum number of Quirks or points.
Low powered game: Max points 0, Max quirks 4
Normal game: Max points 2, Max quirks 6
High powered game: Max points 4, Max quirks 8 This is our current power level.
Superpowered game: Max points 6, Max quirks 10

Helpful Quirks
Alertness (1p): You are good at noticing things. +2 on all Senses rolls.
Ambidexterity (5p): You can use both hands equally well. +1 bonus on any Reflexes-based roll.
Ancient Zoidian (10p): Having been sealed away for millennia, you have reawakened into the modern world. You gain a +2 bonus on any roll involving Zoids. Consult your GM before taking this Quirk.
Bond (4p): You and your Zoid have a particularly close relationship. Select a specific Zoid. You count your Achieved Zoid Level as being +1 higher while piloting this Zoid. This stacks with the Specialty Quirk. For an additional +1p, you can communicate via speech with the Zoid you have this quirk with.
Brawler (3p): You know how to throw your punches. +1 on all Melee attack rolls.
Common Sense (2p): You have good gut instinct. +2 on Instinct skill rolls.
Crack Shot (3p): You have good aim with guns. +1 on attack rolls with any gun.
Dark Continent Native (1p): Your eyes are better than most in the dark. You can see normally in the dark without the benefit of optical equipment. However, you suffer a -4 penalty on Senses rolls to see things in the daytime.
Diplomat (2p): You get along well with others. +2 on Negotiation skill rolls.
Expertise (2p): You are exceptionally knowledgeable or talented. +2 bonus on a selected Craft, Combat, or Expert skill. This Quirk may be taken multiple times. It applies to a new skill each time.
Fast Healing (3p): You heal damage at twice the normal rate.
Geographer (2p): You can quickly assess the lay of the land. You gain a +2 bonus on Survival rolls involving a map.
Hacker (2p): You can access any computer you want. +2 on Expert (Computers), Expert (Programming) and Expert (Electronic Warfare) skill rolls.
I.O.U. (1-5p): Someone owes you a favor. The points cost this Quirk is bought at determines how big a favor you are owed. Consult the GM before taking this Quirk.
Leadership (3p): You are good at leading others into battle. Any Zoid you pilot counts as having the Battlefield Control special rule. If the Zoid already has the rule, you add an additional +1.
Lucky (3p): You have incredible luck. You can re-roll a single die during each combat. This Quirk can be taken a second time for +5p.
Natural Pilot (2p): You are naturally good at piloting Zoids. Your maximum ranks in the Zoid Pilot skill increase by +1. This Quirk may be taken multiple times.
Photographic Memory (2p): You can call to mind, in exquisite detail, anything you have seen. To do so, make a Senses roll. The clarity of the recollection increases with a higher roll.
Precision (5p): You know where to aim to maximize your damage. Your Critical threat range increases by +1. This quirk may be taken twice.
Quick (2p): You are always ready to act. +1 on Initiative rolls. This Quirk may be taken twice.
Self-Confident (3p): You know how to hold yourself. +2 on Intimidate and Negotiation.
Second Chance (5p): If damage would kill you, it instead leaves you battered and bloody at 1 HP. If you were already at 1 HP, this Quirk had no effect. The GM may rule lasting damage depending on the nature of the damage sustained.
Silver Tongue (3p): You can talk your way out of anything. +2 on Bluff and Negotiation.
Snake (2p): You blend into your surroundings. +2 on Sneaking skill rolls.
Specialty (7p): Select a Zoid type, such as Lion. You count your Zoid Level as being one higher for purposes of determining your ability to pilot Zoids of that type.
Woodsman (2p): You have an uncanny ability to survive away from society. +2 on Survival rolls.
Zoid Empathy (2p): You possess an unnatural ability to communicate with Zoids. You can use the Bluff, Intimidate, and Negotiation skills on Zoids.

Neutral Quirks
Honor Before Reason (0p): You are bound by a code of honor to act a certain way. However, any opponents who know of you may respect your code and either follow it in dealing with you or roll with your “eccentricities.”
Machine Head (0p): You get along with machines better than with people. You gain a +1 bonus on any skill roll involving machines, but suffer a -1 penalty on any roll dealing with people.
Resonance (0p): Your mind harmonizes unnaturally well with your Zoids instincts. As combat wears on, you become more primordially aggressive. In addition, in every third round of combat, you gain a cumulative +1 bonus on your attack rolls. However, at every second +1 from this quirk, you must make a TR 12 Intelligence roll or lose control of yourself. The GM takes over control of your character, and you must make Intelligence rolls at the same TR each round to regain control.
Sniper (0p): You work well at range, but don’t react as fast up close. You swap the penalties for Combat Range and Maximum Range on your shooting attacks.
Trigger Happy (0p): You shoot first and ask questions later. Any ranged weapon you use that has a CT of 0 increases its S/R by 1. However, you suffer a -2 penalty on ranged attack rolls.
Vendetta (0p): You have a target, and you will hunt them down regardless of what it takes. You gain a +2 bonus on Bluff and Intimidate rolls pertaining to your target, but suffer a -2 on Instinct and Negotiation rolls pertaining to them. This Quirk can apply to an individual, a group, or even a type of Zoid. This Quirk can be taken multiple times. Each time it applies to a new target.

Detracting Quirks
Blatant (-2p): You stick out like a sore thumb. -2 on Sneaking skill rolls.
Blindness (-8p): You cannot see.
Butter Fingers (-5p): You fumble what you are handling with alarming frequency. -1 on any Reflexes-based roll.
Button Masher (-2p): You have no idea how computers work. -2 on Expert (Computers), Expert (Programming) and Expert (Electronic Warfare) skill rolls.
Coward (-3p): You have little to no spine. In combat, you must flee after the first time you miss an attack or are hit.
Curiosity (-2p): You just have to know what’s going on. -2 on Instinct rolls to realize you shouldn’t be sticking your neck in.
Deaf (-5p): You are unable to hear.
Delusional (-3p): You will periodically see things as other things, usually for something worse.
Delusions of Grandeur (-5p): You know you are the best there ever was. You can never run from a fight (even if it is obviously life threatening), and suffer a -5 penalty to any Instinct roll to notice a disadvantage.
Fisticuffs (-3p): You can’t hit to save your life. -1 on all Melee attack rolls.
Frail (-3p): You are not as robust as others. -2 on Endurance rolls.
Friction (-4p): You and your Zoid have a poor relationship. Select a specific Zoid. You count your Achieved Zoid Level as being -1 lower while piloting this Zoid. You can only select this Quirk for a Zoid you pilot frequently. This stacks with the Specialty Quirk.
Headstrong (-2p): You like to have your own answers. -2 on Negotiation skill rolls.
Hero Worship (-3p): You have either a person or organization whom you greatly admire, to the point of being hard-pressed to see any wrong in their actions. -2 on all Bluff, Instinct, Intimidate rolls when dealing with the selected entity. This Quirk may be taken multiple times. Each time, it applies to a new person or organization.
Hip Shot (-5p): You don’t take the time to aim well. You only confirm Critical hits on a roll of 12.
Lousy Shot (-3p): You aren’t very good with firearms. -1 on attack rolls with any gun.
Luckless (-3p): You have lousy luck. Each game, the first natural 12 you roll counts as a natural 1.
Megalomania (-5p): You have grand designs, and believe that you are capable of anything. You must have a scheme of at least continental scale, that you pursue with relentless drive. If your plans get derailed in any way, you suffer a -1 penalty on all rolls until they are back on track.
Missing Limb (-5p): You have lost either an arm or a leg, and require special accommodations. This quirk may be taken up to four times. Consult your GM before taking this Quirk.
Nemesis (-2p): You have a feud going with someone, and you each want the other either dead or incapacitated. Your nemesis may make things difficult for you by turning up at the worst possible time. Consult with the GM before taking this Quirk.
Oblivious (-1p): You don’t pay very close attention to your surroundings. -2 on all Senses rolls.
Pacifist (-1p): You absolutely will not kill someone, and prefer to avoid combat. You must avoid any possibility of hitting the cockpit of a Zoid, or blowing it up.
Poor Pilot (-2p): You have a hard time controlling your Zoid. -2 on Zoid Pilot skill rolls.
Sadistic (-3p): You enjoy inflicting pain. You are compelled to take your time in killing someone, and periodically have urges to do so.
Slow (-2p): You are not quick to react. -1 on Initiative rolls. This Quirk may be taken twice.
Slow Healing (-3p): You heal injuries at only half the normal rate.
Sociopath (-10p): You cannot function in normal society. -5 on all skill rolls, except Athletics, Combat, and Intimidate. You are also prone to fits of violence for no particular reason.
Target (-5p): You are hit easily. -1 to your Armor Deflection.
Timid (-4p): You have trouble expressing yourself. -2 on Bluff, Intimidate and Negotiation skill rolls.
U.O.Me (-1-5p): You owe someone a favor. The points cost this Quirk is bought at determines how big a favor you owe. Consult the GM before taking this Quirk.
Vanity (-1p): You are extremely proud of your appearance. You must spend a minimum of 1 hour each day grooming and another flaunting your good looks.
Wanted (-3p): You are sought after by someone or some group. You have to be careful in who you deal with to avoid getting caught. Consult details with your GM.


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