Okay gang! Here’s the much-anticipated setting info.

You are all from Planet Zi, though not necessarily all from the same Country or Continent.

When we start, everyone will be on the Western Continent, Europa. The Western Continent War has been raging for the better part of a year at this point, so you should have a reason for being there, although your character does not necessarily have to *want to be there.

You will be a unit of mercenaries working for the highest bidder. Characters should have reasons why they do this, even if as simple as “They pay well.” Your first client, to get things rolling, will be the Republic.

You will be starting with Zoids. We will be organizing the Zoids and any extra equipment you may have at the beginning of game 1. You probably will not be getting much extra equipment on your Zoids to start, but personal equipment is available.

You do not have to stick around for the entirety of the War: Zi has six Continents to explore, and you are welcome to go check them out. Alternatively, if you do stick around, you could end up changing history for the better or the worse…

Character backstory will net you bonus XP, and help me make the most of making the campaign interesting to you. If you want to integrate major events into your backstory, run it by me first, so we can avoid conflicting issues with the continuity. I recommend checking out the background pages on here before you write it up.

So there it is! Feel free to shoot me any questions you might have.


Zoids: The Western Continent War Phred_and_Big_Stick