Western Continent War

In June, ZAC 2099, the regent of the Guylos Empire, Gunter Prozen, declared war on the Helic Republic. Since the direct route between the remains of the Dark Continent and the Central Continent was blocked by the Triangle Daras, an area of perpetual magnetic storms, Guylos was forced to adopt an indirect route.

The Empire invaded the Western Continent with 90 divisions, intending to use it as a staging area for the invasion of the Central Continent. However the Republic brought their own forces into the continent, and the war has been fought on Europa since.

The main fighting from August to December in ZAC 2099 focused on the efforts of both sides to control Mount Olympus, a strategic location in the North of the continent. Guylos quickly takes control of the area, having prepared for the war extensively beforehand, and has complete control of Olympus by September. The Republic dispatches a force under L.G. Halford to retake the mountain. Halford’s force, comprised of Shield Ligers and Command Wolves reaches the summit in October, only to encounter an incomplete Deathsaurer. The Guylos forces had used the technology found in the ruins located inside of Olympus to recreate the design. Halford sacrifices himself to destroy the Deathsaurer. His entire battalion is wiped out, save for a lone survivor, Tommy Paris, who is rescued by a Double Sworder and brings back information on the battle and the ruins.

The Republic is being pushed back to the Eastern forests of Europa. In January, ZAC 2100, the Empire fields the first Zoids equipped with an Organoid System: the Genosaurer and Rev Raptor. Both far outclass the Republican Zoids in service, and the Republic turns to guerrilla warfare. As February dawns, the priority of both sides is to secure more ruins…

Western Continent War

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