Zenebas Empire

The Zenebas Empire was a splinter nation created after the death of Helic I by his son Zenebas Muroa.

When Helic II became the new ruler of the Republic, his brother Zenebas Muroa, was angered that he wasn’t made ruler. As a result, he formed the Zenebas Empire on the Western end of the Central Continent, and declared war on the Republic. Eventually, Zenebas was forced to flee the Continent, and retreated with the remnants of his army to the Dark Continent of Nyx where he made a pact with Emperor Guylos.

Zenebas returned to the Central Continent in ZAC 2041 in a lightning invasion termed D-Day. The invasion was wildly successful, and the Zenebas forces, supported by their new Zoids like the Deathsaurer, soon captured the Helic capital. Two years of guerrilla fighting in the mountains later, the Helic forces returned with their own new Zoids, including the Madthunder, specifically designed to beat the Deathsaurer. Zenebas was once again forced off the continent in ZAC 2048, but this time, there would be no return.

Guylos forces ambushed the remnants of the Zenebas army as they fled, and captured or killed them. Emperor Zenebas’ Deathsaurer was destroyed by a Guylos Deadboarder, killing him. The remains of the Zenebas army were then subsumed into the Guylos military.

Zenebas Empire

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