Zoids: The Western Continent War

04 February, ZAC 2100

The party receives their orders and sets out for the ruins. The two day journey is only interrupted by a fight with a trio of Molgas and a pair of Iguans. The fight is surprisingly intense: the Guylos pilots know how to use their Zoids. The use of the Gustav in melee catches them off guard, however, and the party takes them down, capturing one of the Molga pilots. They manage to get some information out of him, then stuff him into the Gustav’s equipment storage compartment. Before moving on, they also salvage some light weapons from the Iguans.

Upon arriving at the base, the party splits into two groups: Li and Kora explore the hangars, while the others enter the command center. Li and Kora find an assortment of old, dead Zoids in the above ground hangars, but Li thinks that the turret on an old Command Wolf LC may be salvageable, which pleases Kora. In the meantime, the group going through the command center finds the base has been thoroughly cleaned out, apparently at the time of being abandoned. Files have been removed, and computers have been gutted of memory. However, they find one functional computer in a hidden room below the base. A bit of hacking reveals some encrypted files, which the party can’t open. However, one journal entry catches their eyes. It wasn’t encrypted for some reason, and reveals the mission of the Zenebas forces at the base. They were apparently looking for something called “G3” and were certain that they knew were it was.

The exploration is interrupted, as Li picks up an incoming blip on radar. The party sets up for ambush as a Guylos scout team, including one of the new Rev Raptors, approaches. The Guylos forces pick up on the party’s tracks and begin attacking, but are quickly surrounded. The Rev Raptor deploys an E-Shield, and slices into Kora’s Command Wolf. However, several well-placed shots shut down its Combat System, forcing it to flee. The Saicurtis soon flees as well, although it has suffered no damage. Ixel once again employs his Gustav as a melee Zoid, and attempts to chase down the Iguan, which, despite several major hits, manages to out run the slower Gustav.

In the meantime, Kora and (Mike) give chase to the Rev Raptor, hoping to capture it for extra bounty. Unfortunately, the Rev Raptor explodes, destroying much of the Zoid. They head back to help mop up, encountering the Iguan attempting to flee the base, and pursued by Li. Li hands the chase over to the Command Wolves, which this time capture the Zoid, although the pilot escapes.

Meanwhile, the Gator pilot is having an epic duel with Job and his Command Wolf. After jumping onto the Gustav’s trailer, the Gator unsuccessfully tries to damage the transport Zoid with its tail cutter. The Gustav detaches the trailer to pursue the Iguan, and the Gator begins fighting Job and Li. Li eventually breaks off to pursue the Iguan, but the Gator gets in a few hits, apparently able to see through the Helcats’ Stealth Shield. Job eventually destroys the Gator, but the Imperial Zoid manages to get in some damage.

Okay, I’d like those of you who have the skills for it to post in the comments your salvage rolls for the Imperial Zoids. Use either Construct or Expert, and specify which one, and for each Zoid (Iguan, Gator, Rev Raptor). This will determine what you can pull off of them.


Iguan: 18 Expert: Zoid Construction/Repair
Gator: 19 Expert: Zoid Construction/Repair
Rev Raptor: nat 12, 25 Expert: Zoid Construction/Repair

here’s mine.

04 February, ZAC 2100

Gator:11 Construct Zoids
Iguan: 19 Construct Zoids
Rev Raptor: 21 Construct Zoids

…and here’s mine

04 February, ZAC 2100

Expert Zoid Tech (13)

Iguan 18
Gator 21
Rev Raptor 22

04 February, ZAC 2100

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