Zoids: The Western Continent War

12 May, ZAC 2100

Upgrade Time!

On May 10, the party is overflown by an unknown Whale King. While preparing for the worst, it drops a crate, which parachutes to the ground in front of them. Upon (cautious) inspection, it turns out to contain several new weapons and systems, sent to the group by Ixel’s eldest sister. The next several hours are spent installing the new equipment, inclusive of one for each of them, plus a couple of upgrades for Juniper’s systems.

Two days later, the party makes it to the old city ruins. Brief exploration precedes hurried resupply at the cache the Gojulas trio informed them of. However, the resupply is interrupted by the approach of a Guylos border patrol unit, including a Redler, Saber Tiger, and Genosaurer. The group stops resupply operations, and prepares to ambush, which, along with their new tech, catches the Imperials completely off guard. The Genosaurer gets off one shot from its Charged Particle Focus Gun, leveling some buildings, before Kora scores a direct hit on the cockpit. The Saicurtises and Redler go down quickly, but the rest of the patrol puts up a bit more of a fight. Even so, they are put down in short order.

Great attention to detail is put into the salvaging of parts. The Saber’s CP-03 Beam Gatling Unit is saved, and the Genosaurer is loaded onto a trailer: the spot it occupied is turned into a crater, at Daerik’s insistance, so Guylos will think it exploded.

Turns out that the three Rev Raptor pilots survived. They are spotted running into a building. One tries to fire an anti-Zoid missile at one of the party Zoids, but it is ineffective. The party collapses the building on them, when they refuse to come out. Resupply is quickly completed, and they head out. Several hours later, they stop and set up a camp with the camo nets, in order to let the Genosaurer regenerate.

By the 16th, the Genosaurer is operational again. Kora takes it for a test ride, and, after a few embarrassing moments, starts getting the hang of it, despite Daerik’s panicked insistence not to try out the weapon systems…

Session 13 EXP
Ixel: +109 combat +5 RP = 679 (Lv12)
Kora: +109 combat +5 RP = 755 (Lv12)
Oliver: +109 combat +5 RP = 766 (Lv12)
Job: +109 combat +5 RP = 775 (Lv12)
Daerik: +109 combat +5 RP = 791 (Lv13)
George: +109 combat +5 RP = 675 (Lv 12)

Sorry this took so long to get up!



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