Zoids: The Western Continent War

3 November, ZAC 2100

Fall of Nixie

As the team rests up after their busy night, Oliver escapes from sick bay, after getting over his nasty case of Plot Flu (aka, hicups). While catching up with the team, they receive a visit from their contact with the Destroyer Corps with a mission for them.
The breach in the lines that the team cleared has let the Republic move in, and they think they’re in a good position to make the final push into the base. Team DFA is tasked with a diversionary attack against the Western Gate. The assault is to begin at dawn, on the 3rd.
DFA moves into position on the 2nd of November, with November hugging the ground to avoid radar detection. En route, they overfly a log barn in the middle of the woods, which turns out to be occupied by Lt. George Reindran and his Command Wolf, Novis, both formerly of the Helic Army. Daerik and Job immediately recognize the name as a living legend, known to have survived the war on Nyx fifty years prior. They give him a warning to keep his head down, and move on.
Sneaking into position overnight, the team’s heavy guns blast the gate off the wall, and rush the gap. They are confronted by a crack unit, piloting four of a new Zoid that they’ve never seen before. The four Elephanders are supported by three Rev Raptors and a Black Redler, and all eight pilots are highly skilled. All eight are destroyed, but they inflict heavy damage on Ares and Riptor before going down. The last Rev Raptor self-destructs, with the pilot leaving a chilling message: “All hail Neo-Zenebas!”
Kora switches out Ares for Ghost, and Bass attempts repairs on the Genos, as the team presses further into the base. Li uses his new EW suite to knock out the shields that had been troubling the Republic for weeks, resulting in the Command Center being flattened, and the restricted area penetrated.
Another new Zoid, a Lobster-type the size of a Whale King, is in there, and its point defense weapons open up as both DFA and main Republic units swarm across the base. Two unidentified Zoids dash out of a hangar and attempt to board the transport, but Ru disables the Liger-type. The Tyrannosaur-type escapes into the transport, and, as the hatch closes, a small green Zoid, like Tau and friends, disengages from it.
The transport makes a break for the sea, despite heavy and concentrated fire, and uses its shield to knock Sigma and Ru off its back, but not before Sigma puts several holes and Gravity Cannon shells into it. It escapes underwater, but just as it does, George and Zag manage to place a tracking beacon that Bass fashioned onto it.
Resistance at the base is over by early afternoon. Bass captures an Elephander, and uses it to help haul Li’s new Liger back to November.
In the weeks that follow, Team DFA assists with mopping-up operations across the continent. All Guylos forces have been cleaned out by December, and in January, President Camford offers Prozen an armistice, which he rejects out of hand.

Soon after the base battle, Republic technicians ask Li for a copy of the data on the new Zoid. When he suggests that he might exchange the data for a Blade Liger, they respond with “What color?”

When the team has a break, Job introduces the them to his family, and they sort through Howard’s papers, learning some more about the Ghidramander. Much is learned, but many questions remain.

In mid-January, ZAC2101, DFA gets approval to purchase the island from the Republic, for a sum of ยค6,000,000. Plans for renovation are quickly begun.

The End … ?



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