Zoids: The Western Continent War

31 August, ZAC2100

Double Trouble

Zig finally wanders out of November’s corridors, and reunites with the old gang. Or is it Zig? Something seems different about her. Either way, the Ghidramander taps her as a pilot, and Omega takes the third cockpit.
Daerik reccomends doing some deployment training, using the new drop equipment, and the team practices the new formation, getting the hang of it pretty easily, the pilots moreso than the Zoids. Kora and Job prove the catapult works, even if their Zoids don’t like it.
The team decides that to use the Iguan that they boobytrapped as a target for the second jump drill, and they find it and land in a near-perfect formation around it. The traps in the Iguan have been sprung, and Li will hear no objections to adopting the poor thing.
Deployment training continues with the enlistment of a nearby Republic unit, who soil their trousers, but get beer as a reward. Daerik decides that if they are going to be handing out beer at this rate, he’s going to need a new source, so her begins brewing his own stock. For some strange reason, he only tells Li about it…
On the 30th, the team begins exploring another ruin, marked as Z4185 on Daerik’s map. In one of the hangars they find a wrench with “Escher” etched into it. Both hangars are empty, an the wood tower and chain-link fence are standing only because they haven’t rotted enough to fall down yet. Other than some RABITs that George and Zig shoot up with their SMGs, nothing else seems to be here.
Until Ixel, in his Bio Tyranno, finds something burried underground. It’s a structure made of Zoid Magnite, the armor material of combat Zoids. the hatch is code-locked, but Li convinces it that it opens on ‘12345’, and the team goes in. They find a room with twenty of the strange pods that they have been finding a surprising number of lately. Only one of them is still active, the others all seem dead. The active one hatches a light blue Tyrannosaur-type with tail spikes, that seems to have a bad attitude. It takes some nterest in Ares, but spends most of its time trying to assert its dominance over Tau and Beta, who are having none of its bullshit. Omega wants, of course, to be friends, and the new guy is having none of his bullshit. Sigma finds the whole exchange amusing.
Li and Job spend time trying to figure out how to possibly revive the other pods, but they determine that they will need a special rig to extract them from the pit. Everything is interrupted by an urgent call: there has been unusual seismic activity reported around Sand Colony, and they are asked to investigate.
On August 31, the team is overflying Sand Colony when a blue DS bursts out of the desert and begins attacking the Helic patrol there.
Killing the DS isn’t hard, but the Zoid shows uncanny intelligence during the battle, targeting the gun line with ranged fire and scoring a direct hit to Kora’s cockpit. She is saved by the new small Zoid, pulling her out just in time. Worse, the battle draws a second clone, which attacks shortly after, scoring a hard hit on the Gojulas. This one is very hard to hit, and Kora jumps into the DCS-J to help out. The DS finally goes down, but it’s a tough fight.
During cleanup from the second battle, Tau is acting funny. After a bit, he removes Job from the cockpit, and fuses with the Gojulas. A glowing red energy dome surrounds it, for an unknown purpose. Beta and the new one seem nonplussed.
Li: Well, I’m pretty sure that’s going to make it pretty hard to get it into November.
Cleanup is completed, and then s’mores happen, while Zig and George go RABIT hunting.
Ixel: +0 combat = 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,770 (Lv19)
Oliver: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,718 (Lv19)
Job: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,741 (Lv19)
Daerik: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,748 (Lv19)
George: +50 combat +5 RP +10 drop training = 1,589 (Lv18)



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