Zoids: The Western Continent War

31 October, ZAC 2100

Going BUMP in the Night

Cleanup from the nest assault is swift and efficient. Dana’s team is bustled off quickly, and the heavy gun line is packed into two oversized stealth Whale Kings. As the last of the Leoncross forces depart, Team DFA is left pondering their next move.
The crowded hold of November is of concern, rekindling the discussion of obtaining a team base. The Team heads south, to look into one of the islands off the coast. One other is considered briefly, until Job reminds them that it is occupied by people aligned with the Republic. The island looked at has an old Zenebas outpost on it, abandoned and in a terrible state of disrepair. One of the three standing hangars collapses when Job opens the door, another crumbles when Omega leaps on it, and Zig headbutts the control tower onto the third. Omega amuses himself for a while, chewing on the rusty metal. Elsewhere on the island are three low hills, and some vegetation. Two of the hills are active volcanoes, occasionally spitting lava plumes. Most of the island is arid.
By the 16th, the Team is ready to head back to Eastern, ready to rejoin the effort against Guylos, and try to purchase the island. Arriving there on the 21st, they first report to HQ, to see what is wanted of them. After some discussion, they arrange to coordinate with the Destroyer Corps to strike Guylos strong points along the front. They also run supplies to the front in exchange for temporary storage of the three Heldigunners, Mao, March, April, two of Mei’s trailers, and Daeriks Hammerhead. Before leaving, they fill out paperwork with the Government to begin the process of acquiring the island.
Arriving at the front on the 29th of October, they discharge the supplies and rendezvous with the Destroyer Corps on the 30th. That night, they begin air dropping on top of bunkers that had proved resistant to the Supercannons of the DC. Team DFA also runs the secondary role of Operation Ahab: attempting to intercept the Guylos Whale Kings making touch-and-go supply runs at Nixie Base. After stunning success the first night, Guylos starts to catch on the second, opening fire on the team as they drop down. Nevertheless, after two nights, DFA has captured or destroyed three bunker complexes, one Whale King, 24 Red Horns, 23 Rev Raptors, and 31 Helcats.
The Republic now has a path open to Nixie.
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +20 RP = 2,755 (Lv24)
Oliver: 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +20 RP = 2,771 (Lv25)
Daerik: +20 RP = 2,778 (Lv25)
George: +20 RP = 2,625 (Lv24)
Bass: +20 RP = 2,590 (Lv24)



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