Zoids: The Western Continent War

5 October, ZAC 2100


As the dust settles from the massive ordinance dump on the latest Death Stinger clone, Kora manages to escape from her room, which Zig and George had cordoned off while she was sick. Upon reviewing the combat footage, she is rather pleased with the team’s result, but miffed that she missed out on it.
Meanwhile, Zig’s sweet tooth is acting up, and she raids the supply base for candy. Fortunately for them, they have some and are more than willing to share, after being saved from the clone. Job finds some letters from his family that have been trying to locate him for some time, and though he doesn’t share details, he implies that they may have information about the Ghidramander back on the farm. The new Genosaurer pilot identifies himself as Bass, and is rather impressed with the team’s arsenal. He claims to be an ex-Guylos mechanic who stole a Genosaurer with the help of a wrench. After hearing his story the team is more than a little suspicious, but his story checks out with a base he claimed to pass through, and they give him a ride to Eastern HQ so he can register as a Helic mercenary. After some debate, they hire him as an extra gun to fill Ixel’s empty slot, though Leoncross refuses to hire him themselves.
On the flight over to Eastern, some of the team resume earlier musings of taking over an abandoned base somewhere and forming a proper mercenary company. One of the uninhabited islands to the southeast of Europa is considered a primary contender, and Daerik points out that they could probably even hire guards for the base, after renovation costs, given their current rate of income. The subject of a team name comes up again, too, and Team Death From Above is thought appropriate, given the current tactics. Kora begins work on a flag.
At Eastern, the crew takes a breather, and Li makes sure that all of the Zoids get out and go for a run, followed by a bath. Alpha goes tearing off in Ares, and Kora goes chasing after, beginning on foot, but eventually receiving a jeep from Daerik (who is dodgy about where it came from). Eventually, she runs out of gas, but is picked up by Alpha and Ares, and return to November. Zig adopts the jeep. She also receives two commissions for her line of Zoids shoes, one for a Godos, and one for a Shield Liger.
On 5 October, the team receives a communique from the Seismic Detector Team, notifying them that they have located the main nest of the Death Stinger. They are ordered to prepare for a joint strike with Dana’s team, and a special heavy strike unit. The strike date is set for Sunday, 7 October, in order for the teams to all arrive in time.
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +10 RP = 1,885 (Lv19)
Oliver: 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +10 RP = 1,901 (Lv20)
Daerik: +10 RP = 1,908 (Lv20)
George: +10 RP = 1,750 (Lv19)
Bass: +10 RP = 1,720 (Lv19)

Death Stinger Mega Battle next time!


Ooh! Ooh! I leveled up!

5 October, ZAC 2100

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