Zoids: The Western Continent War

7 October, ZAC2100


After making their way to the rendezvous, Team DFA meets up with Dana’s team. Introductions are abbreviated, but the gist of it is that pretty much her whole squad is a bunch of certifiable loonies, to put it mildly.

Dawn on the 7th finds the rising sun glinting off the fire support that Leoncross has assembled: a pair of Deathsaurers, a pair of Ultrasauruses, and a King Gojulas. Well over half the Zoids deployed are supposed to be extinct, a sobering (at least to some) reminder of the hidden influence of the Leoncross family.

The dawn’s still is shattered by the shattering roar of the King Gojulas, as it rips away the ground above the Death Stinger’s nest with sound alone. Even though no one is in front of it, everybody still feels the sound trying to rip them apart. The Death Stingers are surprised by the sudden intrusion, and the battle is on.

Charged Particle Beams and heavy artillery shells howl through the air, tearing into the clones and the ZS. Many of the still-growing clones are mowed down in the first few moments, but some resolutely hang on. Folowing the first barrage of shells, Daerik and Sigma charge in with Dana and Elia, clawing and slashing at the clones in melee. The ZS decapitates a Deathsaurer with a Charged Particle Cannon blast, then knocks out Kora with a hit from its shock cannon, though Alpha resolutely fights on until she wakes up. Daerik charges in, cutting the ZS with the Buster Wolf’s claws, but is badly mauled in return, nearly ending his and Sigma’s career. Luckily, George and Zig swoop in on Mothra, and pull them out before the ZS can finish the job. Sigma is dropped back aboard November, where Li attempts to aid them in waking up.

Back out on the battlefield, Bass and Riptor continue their duel with one of the baby DSs, while Job takes down the largest of the clones. One of the babies CPGs the King Gojulas, but to no effect. finally it comes down to the ZS, and everybody swarms in, the artillery Zoids dropping blasts as they find openings. It takes a long time to wear it down. Daerik and Sigma rejoin the fight, airdropping from November after reawakening. Kora supercharges her Charged Particle Focus Gun to 600% capacity, but even that doesn’t destroy the ZS. Ares shuts down from the strain, and Kora asks Li to drop in Ghost.

With everyone pounding it, and its family gone, the Death Stinger ZS tries to burrow underground several times, but each time it catches another volley of fire. its armor shredded, and its major weapons destroyed, the ZS slowly succumbs to the concentrated attacks, but ferociously defends itself until the last. As it falls, Sigma’s Gravity Cannon crushes the remains into a pebble.

The scorpion’s menace is over.
Ixel: 1,437 (Lv17)
Kora: +840 combat +10 RP = 2,735 (Lv24)
Oliver: 1,824 (Lv19)
Job: +840 combat +10 RP = 2,751 (Lv24)
Daerik: +840 combat +10 RP = 2,758 (Lv24)
George: +840 combat +15 RP = 2,605 (Lv24)
Bass: +840 combat +10 RP = 2,570 (Lv24)



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